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Unreal Aussies
Leader Nakid
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Briggs
Website http://www.unrealaussies.com/

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Unreal Aussies is an established cross-game gaming community that has been around since 2004.


[edit] History

Unreal Aussies [uA] is an established cross-game gaming community that has been around since 2004. We were formed as a melee clan with custom matches on the side in Warcraft 3. From there we progressed to Counter Strike 1.6 and Source playing in the Australian competition ladders of the time. Around this time, a few of us were playing Guild Wars Prophecies and Vanilla World of Warcraft (we went back and played the other GW campaigns and EotN).

After finishing most of the content for these games at the time, we then went back to our shooters with Team Fortress 2. We had a community run TF2 server up for almost a year that had a great community behind it and was known as "the server" for just getting in there and having some laughs. After our long run in Team Fortress, we moved to Global Agenda, a game with fairly similar game play and classes.

We continued to build our community through new games such as Star Wars The Old Republic. After SWTOR we waited for the long anticipated Guild Wars 2. In Guild Wars 2 we currently hold the largest Oceanic community world wide and are very active in World vs World (the PVP component of GW2, similar to PS2 where 3 servers fight for control of a massive continent).

[edit] PlanetSide 2

We played the beta extensively with a large group of uA's members. We want to bring our member base over to PS2 from GW2 and get a good starting squad for release.

Present status of group leaders:

  • Field Marshal: Nakid
  • Ambassadorial Commander: Jelliott
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Hazee
  • Squadron Leaders: Dixie Kong, Chopper, BOSL, Celco

[edit] Play Style

We pride ourselves on our vast community and the many play styles that our members use. We have both a mixture of semi-hardcore and casual players that have been playing together for years and we are always looking for new members.

[edit] Recruiting

Unreal Aussies is currently recruiting for all roles in PlanetSide 2.

So are you a mature, fun, enthusiastic and sociable player? You may participate in the community as much as you wish. We are not the type of outfit to force you to be online every day for 6 hours. As we are big enough as a outfit, it is easy to support any play style you like. On the same note though, when we run a structured operation, a certain level of cohesiveness is required.

So why should you pick us? We are continually building on our community and love having new members to have a laugh with. There are always people to talk to on Ventrilo and we have people online from many different games.

From a strategic point of view we have members which have played for several years in different games of similar genres. As such we will be able to train up all new members and therefore we welcome people of all different skill levels.


  1. You MUST use Ventrilo, microphone optional although highly recommended.
  2. You MUST not have a squeaky voice (16 or over preferably)
  3. You MUST choose Vanu as your race
  4. You MUST be on the Briggs Oceanic server

We hope to talk to you soon!

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