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Vanquish means to conquer by superior force. We are a dedicated team to win. For starters, we are going to focus on the game PlanetSide 2. Later as we expand we shall inject new games.


[edit] What is Vanquish going to be about?

We are going to be a mixed group. Some Infantry, some Vehicles, & sometimes Air.

[edit] How do we see ourselves in the Future?

We would like to grow to become a huge Outfit in Planetside 2 & many other games. An Outfit that makes a huge difference when we step into battle.

[edit] How is Vanquish different from all the other Outfits out there?

1) Unlike some clans, we give the utmost respect to our members. Everyone is treated as equal; there are no ‘favorites’.

2) We provide a Dynamic Reward system to our players by holding contests every month for Station Cash or at times, a ( Vanquish supported* ) game.

3) We provide additional special bonuses to some lucky members during special events, like New Year’s.

4) We use tools of very high quality & which are light & easy to use, many of which are used by professionals, e.g. Dolby Digital’s Axon.

*Any game in which Vanquish has a group of members playing together is a“Vanquish supported” game.

[edit] What do we expect in New Members?

·Activity: We are looking for people who are willing to commit. Who can & are active in not only playing the game, but also in engaging with other members of the group. ·Attitude: Skills in playing a game can be learnt, but Attitude is forever. We are searching for people who have a good attitude, people who are polite & honest. ·Teamwork: We are looking for people who can & will work as a team. ·Everyday is a new learning experience: We want people who understand that everyday is a new day to learn, no one’s perfect. We don’t want people who think they “Know everything”.

[edit] Vanquish Links

PlanetSide 2 Forums Topic Facebook Website (Underdevelopment) E-Mail

PlanetSide Universe
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