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The Vanu Rangers have a long history on the world of Auraxis, and have battled under the Vanu Sovereignty flag since the beginning. We use advanced tactics and treat each engagement as a mission. We figure out what we need to do, analyze the situation, and figure out how we are going to get that mission done. Rinse, repeat. We are serious about our missions but also serious about having fun. We are not a run-and-gun outfit that zergs and just rolls with the fight, we are deliberate in our actions.

We are also the primary Quick Reaction Force for the Vanu Sovereignty Alliance- at times we will be called upon to pull off of our current objective with lightning speed to hit another objective for the good of the entire Vanu Sovereignty.


[edit] Atmosphere

Our outfit has become sort of a haven for active and retired members of the military and like-minded individuals, which results in a relaxed but tactical atmosphere (a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their heads around that one).

Our outfit is rated R. So if you are faint of heart or are not fond of hearing swearing and cursing, this outfit may not be for you. However, we have a strict policy against racism or racist remarks, behaviors, comments, etc. The Vanu Rangers outfit prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and ass-kicker.

[edit] History

The Rangers trace their origins to Planetside 1, where they developed a tight doctrine centered around a mobile and precise Ranger. They were and are an influential group that had a reputation as being a reliable and constantly adapting force. Since their creation they have continued to evolve and adapt to both the battlefield and the state of the game.

Here is short and organic video from the Planetside 1 era that gives an excellent representation of the outfit's history, typical organized operations, and atmosphere:

[edit] Rangers- Paving the Way

The Rangers' mission is simple: we pave the way. This means that as Rangers, our goal is to use our precision tactics to bust key objectives that benefit our empire- not our KD's. From galaxy drops behind enemy lines to head on assaults our priority remains the same: the war, not the battle.

[edit] Behind the Strategy of The Rangers

To accomplish our goals, we employ thought out tactics and strategies that we theory-crafted in the early stages of Planetside 2. These strategies have evolved to stay relevant through our policy of open theory-crafting that allows us to recognize and consider every Ranger's contribution equally. This policy also allows us to generate new and effective ideas on a regular basis simply by harnessing the creativity of our members. The majority of the discussed tactics do get field tested, and effective ones are noted and developed into the kind of precision strategy associated with the Vanu Rangers.

[edit] Outfit Rules

These rules exist to help preserve our culture and maintain a relative level of order within the outfit.

1. Register and be active on the website.

2. Use Teamspeak whenever you are working with members of the Vanu Rangers.

3. Members are required to participate in outfit squads or platoons more than 50% of the days that they play the game.

4. The outfit is R rated. R does not stand for racism. We do not discriminate against any of our members in any way. You can swear, curse, and tell obscene stories or jokes but you cannot bring racism to our outfit. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism - 1 warning 1 kick. See below.

5. Respect each other in the outfit. We can be a crude bunch so in general you probably have a thick skin if you are with us, but there may be times that someone goes over the line (possibly without realizing it). If you are comfortable talking to the offending person about it, do so and let them know. If you are not comfortable discussing it (or they continue even after you have talked with them) contact an officer and we will get it resolved.

6. Members should respect leadership and their command decisions. If they have a problem with a command team member, they should bring it up respectfully to the command team to have it resolved. An example of such a complaint is listed below. "So and so always sends us to our deaths on missions that don't accomplish anything."

7. Voice communications are a tool. We enjoy talking to each other and bullshitting but when shit gets serious in game, we need to clear the air and focus on the mission at hand.

Failure to follow these rules will result in appropriate punishment and a record being made in your permanent record that the command team maintains for every member of the outfit.

In the case of the racism "1 warning 1 kick" rule, the offending member will be verbally warned that their next racist comment, joke, remark, etc will result in immediate expulsion from the outfit and banishment from our Teamspeak channel. The warning will be noted in the offending party's member record so that all command team members will be aware of the matter.

The final decision on a member's status is up to the command team. If a member acts in the grey area of the rules we have, the command team reserves the right to render punishment should the behavior be deemed unbecoming of a Vanu Ranger.

[edit] Recruitment

The Vanu Rangers are currently recruiting highly motivated Vanu Sovereignty soldiers that are looking to go the extra mile and fight as a member of a team that uses precision, close-knit tactics. Members must meet the following requirements to be considered:

1. Be a team player.

2. Be able to take orders from higher without question. We issue orders for a reason. Sometimes the reason may not make it down to you. Those orders may take you away from a "good fight" and have you doing something boring. Each order that is issued needs to be followed for our operation to be a success. We count on each other heavily.

3. Have a microphone and use Teamspeak 3. Our Teamspeak 3 server is the Vanu Sovereignty's voice server, making it easy to coordinate with other outfits on the fly.

4. Be active on our website and forum. We use our forum to develop ourselves further by reviewing the outcomes of past operations, planning new ones, and developing new strategy and tactics. The forums also help to bring us together as friends.

While these requirements may make us seem like a bunch of hardasses, in truth they exist to preserve our culture. We are a very close knit community - everybody knows everybody. We enjoy having fun and joking while shooting bad guys (except we enjoy a little more structure to the shooting-bad-guys aspect than most).

If you are interested in joining and capable of meeting those four requirements, please complete the following steps:

1. Register for an account on our website ( and activate it via email activation.

2. While you are waiting for your account activation, familiarize yourself with our Outfit Rules.

3. Post an application in our Recruitment Center.

4. Play at least one session with us in our squad with a command team member while using our teamspeak server ( This is a try-out for both you and us. For us to see if you are a good fit for the outfit and for you to see if the outfit is a good fit for you. Keep in mind, we aren't really looking at your ownage skills - we don't care that you have a 200:1 kill to death ratio.

It is after the session or during that it will be decided if you are right for the outfit. We will send you an outfit invite if we feel you are right for the outfit. If you feel the outfit is right for you, accept the outfit invite. If you are not sure at that time you can ask for more time.

If you have questions about recruitment or you represent a group that would like to become a part of the Vanu Rangers, please feel free to send a message to our outfit leader Yuka through our site.

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