Vanu Sovereignty Special Services

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Vanu Sovereignty Special Services [VS3]
Leader Iosheka
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region US East
Server Mattherson
Stats Vanu Sovereignty Special Services Stats

[edit] Overview

VS3 is a small outfit on Mattherson that specializes in irregular warfare and intelligence collection, operating in multiple small teams distributed across a continent. In addition to its ground forces, VS3 also includes an air wing, colloquially known as Air Auraxis.

VS3 was founded on February 24th, 2013 by Iosheka, with officers Tawiskara and Nayanezgani.

[edit] Operations

VS3 Field Agents operate primarily in "light teams" organized as understrength squads in-game. Light teams conduct a variety of operations across the breadth and depth of the continent that the outfit is operating on, from capturing and holding territory, to recon patrols behind enemy lines, to deliberate ambushes of enemy forces.

Air Auraxis is responsible for providing all kinds of air support to VS3's ground forces, from insertion and extraction by Galaxy, to close air support and air superiority with Liberators and Scythes.

At the outfit level, VS3 is primarily focused on supporting larger outfits and the empire's efforts in general by rapidly capturing small outposts, harassing enemy forces, and providing real-time intel on enemy movements.

[edit] Recruiting

VS3 is always recruiting, and any interested player is encouraged to apply by sending an email to [email protected]. New players in particular are welcome, as VS3 prefers to "grow its own," that is, recruit new players and train them to operate within VS3 as their first Planetside 2 experience.

VS3 is interested in recruits that display mental maturity (independent of physical age), teamwork, initiative, and potential for leadership, as well as the desire to conduct the type of operations that VS3 specializes in. Teamspeak 3 is required for outfit communications, and all recruits are required to agree in writing to the VS3 code of conduct.

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