Warriors of Glory

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Warriors of Glory
Leader Chieftan
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Cobalt
Tags/Abbreviations 01WG
Website wgclan.co,uk

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[edit] About

Warriors of Glory - 01WG, on the Cobalt server for PlanetSide 2 is looking to recruit and expand.

You can be part of it all. We have a huge Teamspeak 3 server at ts3logo-small.png wgclan.net and a great website at http://www.wgclan.co.uk. We do many things from zerg attacks, to special attack forces, also competitions such as racing across the map with 50 people.

We also host Podcasts every Friday, which you can join in on, even if you are not in WG, simply go to our website and find the podcast on the calender, leave your in game and teamspeak name in a comment. We welcome Vanu and NC guests to our show also.

WG has a huge amount to offer and if you wish to know more visit our site or find us on Teamspeak, we welcome many as we are a large community with over 1000 PlanetSide outfit members, many of whom are on TS3 regularly, so there is always a place for you. Death or Glory!

[edit] Motto

Our aim is to have fun as a group, whether that be idle pug stomping or competing in intense tactical battles. We stand for fair play and having a great time, trying to get more people involved with the fun. We wish, like most others, to be the well known and most powerful clan on that game but we shall never sacrifice our standards of helping each other and supporting people to achieve that, we would rather have a great time playing then make anyone feel like a game is a now their job.

If you wish to join WG on any particular game you can simply contact us on that game or better still apply via a membership application on the website, this shall allow us to what information you provide us and allowing us to inform you and help you as best we can.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us!

PS we like to team kill all the time!

[edit] Media

Propaganda posters

WG Recruitment Planetside 2

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