Winning Duh

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Winning Duh
Leader Pintle+
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Ceres
Stats Winning Duh Stats

"Winning, Duh!" is a casual outfit on Ceres, formed in December 2012 by pintle, a chain smoking motorcyclist who is always away to smoke. Being a social outfit, "Winning, D'uh!" generally zerg around in an uncoordinated mass, much to pintle's disdain. In that respect, they often form the backbone of the TR zerg, however, when Pintle and his Executive Officers take lead of their platoons, they can become an extremely effective force that has twice taken Auraxis.

[edit] History

"Winning, Duh!" gained early success and became somewhat well known on their server by capping Indar, Esamir and Amerish on Christmas Eve. Since this event, "Winning, Duh!" became the largest outfit on Mallory before it was merged and as such, remains an active member of Terran Republic operations on the server, with Dronetone LOOKING FOR GUNNER FOR LIBERAATOR.

[edit] Philosophy

Following a laid back, relaxed philosophy, "Winning, Duh!" has built a large and active community, the backbone of which is each player's respect for their fellow outfit members. Being part of operations and platoons is strictly optional, and as such, all members who do engage in these operations are expected to respect and obey their leaders. WDUH has an open recruitment policy, recruiting mostly through open platoon operations.

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