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Our small outfit is different compared to most of the other NC groups. We are a real Team! A community of highly connected people around the world, which are not only seeking a military outfit to play with, but a way to have fun and connect with other people to find new friendships.

We do not invite people randomly in our Team. They have to stay with us (in our Squads) for some days and prove that they are reliable players, respecting our rules and other people.

Zeta Unit was not created with high battle rank players. We learned everything through our own game play and are currently very fast progressing, to gain higher Battle ranks.

Although our outfit isn’t very big, NC members on Briggs know us pretty well. We do regular practice in the training room and develop new tactics and methods to increase our effectiveness. Our Max Phalanx is a know phenomena on the battlefields of Auraxis.

Our Squads are highly mobile and agile. We do not waste time and deploy throughout the continents within very short time periods, to do what we can best – Kick TR and VS asses and provide NC superiority!

Note: Page made by Long Time Member JJLegoCrazy

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