Patch (2013/04/10)

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  • Database optimizations are being done to improve overall performance.
  • New shotguns available in the Depot! Grab yours today!
    • Terran Republic: TAS-16 Blackjack
    • New Conglomerate: LA39 Bruiser
    • Vanu Sovereignty: Deimos VA29
  • NS-15M damage adjustments have been made:
    • The minimum damage has been increased at 65 meters from 112 to 125.
  • Fixes for NS-11C and NS-15M ribbons have been made.
  • All Phalanx Turrets
    • Increased damage resistance to Aircraft Machine Guns from 85% to 94%. This makes it similar to the damage aircraft machine guns do to tank top armor.
  • Spear Phalanx Turret (Anti-Vehicle)
    • Min damage has been adjusted from 1000 to 1250
    • Projectile flight characteristics now match Vanguard 150mm HEAT
      • Speed increased from 200 to 250
      • Gravity has been decreased.
  • Xiphos Phalanx Turret (Anti-Personnel)
    • Changed damage type from personal weapon to heavy machine gun. This will allow it to damage heavy armor targets.
    • Max/Min damage adjusted from 218/150 to 200/167
    • Max/Min range adjusted from 100/75 to 85/10
  • Aspis Phalanx Turret (Anti-Aircraft)
    • Can now pitch 10 additional degrees downward.
  • The shotgun reticule will now correctly show base spread of the weapon.
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