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[edit] Development

On June 5th, 2013 it was announced that PlanetSide 2 would be coming to the PlayStation 4.[1] On June 23rd, 2015, Planetside 2 launched on Playstation 4.

[edit] Overview

The PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2 will be free to play without a PlayStation Plus Subscription. Feature wise it will be on par with the PC version though releases would likely come to the PlayStation 4 after the PC due to SCEA approval processes.

[edit] FAQ

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the console version of PlanetSide 2

  • PlayStation 4 players will be on separate servers from PC Players. [2]
  • It will be free to play without a PlayStation Plus Subscription. [3]
  • The plan is to launch with the PlayStation 4 or shortly after.
  • The same development team is working on the PC and PlayStation 4 version. A separate team is handling the porting and engine work required for the PlayStation 4 version.[4]
  • Multicore Improvements on PlayStation 4 will translate to PC. [2]
  • They are looking into character portability between PlayStation 4 and PC. [2]
  • The store will be the same between PlayStation 4 and PC. [2]

[edit] Patch Notes

Below, you will find the summary of each patch released on PS4.

Planetside 2 Playstation 4 Patches
Date Version Patch Notes
02015-06-23June 23, 2015 1.08 New Player Experience

Several classes, vehicles, and aircraft now require you to be a certain Battle Rank to use them We've introduced a new feature that will allow you to reset Certification points spent on skills on your first death after reaching Battle Rank 15. At this initial introduction the reset only applies to character between 15 and 18.

Controls Made Lefty Infantry layout grenade and ability mappings consistent with the default Added a new layout for vehicles: Race Track, same as pedals, but with R1 shoot, L1 optics Vehicle optics are now a toggle You can now cloak on your Flash if you have the wraith utility equipped and you're an infiltrator Removed controller vibration from healing, repairing, and being healed or repaired

Misc Medals and Ribbons display in the loadouts Trophies have been added! Added button reminders when entering a base turret The nameplate in menus now displays your background Skills descriptions have been updated to display which class or vehicle it applies to Cleaned up UI art issues in the social screens Completed a pass on UI audio Membership support is completed in the Depot Depot now has correct tagging Player Studio items are now available in the Depot All items are now using final pricing, no more 1 Cert weapons Updated the game icon on the PSN

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed multiple crash issues and memory leaks

- Marcus Aurelius should no longer be attempting to revive you and preventing your respawn, for real this time

- Aircraft loadout screen should no longer display vehicles

- After equipping an item in a loadout tab the UI will return to that tab when you hit back

- Underage user sub accounts with content restrictions off will now be able to log in

- Fixes to environment art issues on all continents

- Fixed an issue with UI model previews being offset incorrectly - Fixes to missing or untranslated strings

- Fixed an issue where spamming X after equipping an item could crash the game

- Fixed an issue where after equipping vehicle attachment or backing out of the attachment selection screen, the loadout tab would show the flash regardless of which vehicle was selected

- Vehicle trim UI is now updating after unequipping

- Fixed Waypoint inconsistency across the HUD, Map, and Minimap including the text associated with each

- Fixed the UI model not showing weapons when navigating to weapon Selection

- Fixed "borked" NC Auraxium armor

- Shooting some buildings did not apply bullet decals, FX, and sound correctly

- Removed chat channel options that are unavailable from the spot menu

- Fixed issues with voice chat that would prevent reconnecting to chat channels

- Fixed an issue where "playerName" would try to revive you

- Horns can now be equipped and used!

- Fixed an issue where "Are you sure" messages could get stuck on screen

- Fixed issues where the button legend would sometimes not populate or get stuck on screen

- Squad spawning on Koltyr will no longer spawn you underground

- Fixed a client lock issue where dieing while redeploying

- Fixed an issue where long mission text could push capture points under the minimap on the HUD

- Made the size of minimap icons consistent

- Fixed animation issues with the NS Vandal

- Fixed issues with unlocked Flash appearance items

- Equipped camo icon now displays in the loadout

- Switching boosts now gives appropriate warnings and confirmations

- Fixed several issues where the game would hang when attempting to equip items in certain slots on certain vehicles

- Fixed ESF lighting slots

- Can now equip decals to vehicles

-The Depot will no longer display bundles you already own

-You can no longer unequip a title

-Fixed an issue where 720p TVs or incorrect display area settings cause a black bar around the minimap

-Fixed an issue where the game hangs on character create/faction select screen if there is no other character exist on the account

-Units and corpses now display on the minimap correctly

-Fix to aiming being off when in a rumble seat

02015-06-29June 29, 2015 1.09 The following changes/additions have been made with this update:

- Fix to character select music not stopping when entering game.

- Server list now sorts by population, to help better distribute server populations.

- Users can now be invited to Squad by both Character Name and PSN Online ID.

- Fix for a bug that would cause characters to launch vertically into the air upon exiting a vehicle.

- Fix for BR LOCKED text on the Sunderer Loadout Page which displayed the incorrect level requirement to unlock the vehicle.

- Fixed text bug which appeared in the Racer High Speed Chassis item description.

- Players can now select magazine and ammo capacity attachment for the Afterburner Fuel Tank.

- Fix for framerate dip when voice chat is populated with several players.

- Fix for Engineer dropping ammo pack twice.

- Made a change to prevent the "server unavailable" message from erroneously being presented when servers are actually available.

- Fix to vehicle seat changes where players would not be able to continue cycling through seats on various vehicles.

- Fixed a game crash that would occur during redeploy.

- Other misc bug fixes/performance improvements.

[edit] References

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