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Assault Rifles are medium-to-long range weapons that come in many shapes and sizes to fit many different roles, and can often be outfitted with secondary functions to further improve their versatility. The bread and butter of the average soldier, rifles can provide precision shooting, cover fire, or high-damage stopping power to suit the needs of any situation. Standard variants on the rifle include the Cycler (TR), Gauss (NC), and Pulsar (VS), but modular attachments for each weapon are extensive enough that two of the same model may fill radically different roles when differently configured. Rifles are only available to the Combat Medic.


Assault Rifles
Nanite Systems

NS-11NS-11 Platinum

New Conglomerate

AF-80 ApocalypseCarnage ARExodusGauss Rifle BurstGauss Rifle SGR-22NC1 Gauss RifleNomadReaper DMRSlayer GD-61Stiletto EM9TorrentVanquisher ARVelocity

Terran Republic

CQR-40Cycler TRVDMR-99RF-3RMR-4SABR-13T1 CyclerT1B CyclerT1S CyclerT1S Cycler SBTARTAR BurstTAR-STORX

Vanu Sovereignty

AntaresCentauriCMECorvusCygnusEquinoxEquinox BurstEquinox SelectFlare Precision VE6PGeminiH-V45Hydra VA45Pulsar VS1Taurus

PlanetSide Universe
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