Pulsar VS1

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Pulsar VS1
Icon weapon vs assaultRifle01 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Type Assault Rifle
Class Combat Medic
Range Classified
Magazine Size 30
Fire Modes Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Cost to Unlock Unlocked by Default

The Pulsar VS1 is the standard issue assault rifle for the Vanu Sovereignty. Its low recoil design allows it to remain effective in most situations.


Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Bullet Damage Firing Mode Reload Times Magazine Stats Recoil ADS Move Speed COF Stand ADS COF Crouch ADS COF Stand Hip COF Crouch Hip COF Bloom per Shot ROF Bullet Speed
Max Min Mode Short Long Size Pool Vertical Recoil Min/Max Horiz. Recoil Min/Max Recoil Angle Horiz. Recoil Bias Recoil Dec. First Shot Recoil Mult. ADS Move Speed Mult. Still Move Jump Still Move Still Move Sprint Jump Still Move ADS Hip ROF Bullet Speed
143 @ 10m 125 @ 65m Auto 1.75s 2.2s 30 180 0.22 0.2/0.2 17/20 18 2.75x 0.5x 0.1 0.25 3 0.1 0.15 2 2.5 5 7 1.5 2 0.05 0.1 698 rpm 615 m/s


Available Ammunition
High Velocity Soft Point

Barrel Attachments

Available Barrel Attachments
Compensator Suppressor Flash Suppressor

Rail Attachments

Available Rail Attachments
Extended Magazine Flashlight Forward Grip Adv. Forward Grip Laser Sight Adv. Laser Sight Smoke Launcher Grenade Launcher Shotgun


Available Optics
Ironsight IRNV Scope Reflex Sight Reflex Sight 2x 3.4x Scope Laser 3.4x Scope 4x Scope Laser 4x Scope 6x Scope 7x Scope 8x Scope 10x Scope 12x Scope

Field usage

As the default weapon of the Combat Medic class, one has to understand how to use the Pulsar VS1 in order to maximize combat efficiency. Although it is not the most powerful weapon, some training will significantly improve performance with this weapon.


The accuracy can be close to 100% in close combat, but the lack of stopping power discourages any engagement against heavy infantry. Almost one full magazine is required to take out a Heavy Assault's overshield and health. Unfortunately there is no magazine expansion upgrade for this weapon, so in order to extend the use of this weapon on the battlefield without resupplying, accurate shots in close combat are advised. Purchasing the Laser Dot (Certification) upgrade is recommended.


This weapon's accuracy at mid and long range will enable a Combat Medic to engage all infantry with minimum risks, making him useful on the 2nd line. A scope or HS/NV upgrade is recommended for increased aiming capabilities. The semi-automatic mode helps to attain a smaller spread when firing.

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