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[edit] Nanite Auto Repair System (NARS)

MBT's have 8,000 health

60/5=12 cycles per minute

3.75% repair every 5 seconds @ 1st level

4.38% repair every 5 seconds @ 2nd level

5% repair every 5 seconds @ 3rd level

5.63% repair every 5 seconds @ 4th level

6.25% repair every 5 seconds @ 5th level

((MBT health*% repaired per 5 sec)*cycles per minute)/MBT health

((8000*%)*12)/8000=% repair per minute






45% repair every minute w/ LV 1 NARS

52.56% repair every minute w/ LV 2 NARS

6% repair every minute w/ LV 3 NARS

67.56% repair every minute w/ LV 4 NARS

75% repair every minute w/ LV 5 NARS

[edit] Wrong certs and SC cost on special turrets.

I'm 100% sure the cert costs on the AP and HE turrets for the vanguard are wrong. somebody needs to check ingame and correct them. Check the SC cost as well.

~ The AP turret is 500 Certs and the HE turret is 750, but the values will not change on their respective pages when I change and preview them for some reason.

--> Thanks for the info, I made the change myself. I noticed that when the page doesn't update after an edit, you have to save it twice.

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