Tank Mine

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Tank Mine
Icon item mineBoomer 32x32.png
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Class Engineer
Certification Required Tank Mines
Cost 75 Infantry

From the in-game tooltip: "User deployable anti-vehicular mine, activated by nearby enemy vehicles." The mines will explode under stationary vehicles if placed directly underneath. Tank mines have a large explosion radius and will kill infantry in the vicinity of the explosion as well. While infantry and MAXes will not set off the device, one trick is to shoot the mine to explode it when non-mechanized units are nearby. Placed mines persist even if you change classes. Logging off will destroy any placed mines.

Tank Mines occupy the item slot. Engineers can carry two mines at a time by default, but can be increased to three mines if the second level of the Tank Mines Certification is purchased, and 2 additional mines (for a total of 5) can be equipped with the Utility Pouch. Two mines will kill any ground vehicle as long as the vehicle does not have the Mine Guard equipped. Tank mines will activate 30 seconds after placement.

Mines do not replace the ammo resupply pack. Once Mines will be equipped, the ammo slot will be the same as the turret slot. Players can use the "switch fire modes" button to switch between turret and ammo packs.

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