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This template is used to provide a quick summary of a vehicle's capabilities

[edit] Parameters

name: The name of the vehicle
picture: A picture of the vehicle (Remember to add alt text and to use a reasonable width)
empire: The affiliation for this vehicle: Common Pool, New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, or Vanu Sovereignty.
icon: The in-game icon
role: The role performed by the vehicle (e.g. Gunship, or Main Battle Tank)
crew: The number of crew (crew are defined as pilots, drivers, or passengers with access to on-board equipment, e.g. guns)
passengers: The number of passengers (passengers do not have access to any on-board equipment and are along for the ride)
cost: The resource cost of the vehicle.
spawntimer The default spawn timer in minutes, without any certification upgrades
resource: The type of resource required for purchase.
primary: The primary armament of this vehicle (primary refers to a signature armaments such as a cannon or bombs)
secondary: The secondary armament of this vehicle (secondary refers to any armaments other than the signature weapon e.g. defensive chainguns). Multiple weapons should be on separate lines and given x symbols e.g. 2 x 20mm Recoilless Chaingun
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