Test Server Update (2013/04/08)

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[edit] Battle Flow Improvements

The flow of combat in the live hex system can be tough to understand and predict, and can give the sense of chaos as opposed to appropriate tactical choices as forces move from one target to the next. We'd like to attempt a different approach that we think will improve the flow of battle significantly.

  • We have vastly reduced the connections available on the map
  • Each region is connected to only a handful of other regions, creating clear conquest lanes
  • This will better direct players to the next fight, and allow you to predict the best places to set up defenses
  • Vast areas of the continent are now part of the Neutral Zone
  • There are no restrictions or benefits to this zone
  • The Facility Forward Spawns have been removed - in their place are new Small Outposts
  • These function just like other Small Outposts. Their layouts are very similar to what the Forward Spawns were, plus the addition of Allatum Botany Wing and Saurva South Satellite.
  • Capture times are no longer impacted by Influence
  • Some underutilized outposts have been removed as they did not improve the new conquest flow
    • Nanite Pump Station
    • Archaeological Dig Site
    • ARC Bioengineering
    • Leopardwood Nursery
    • Spec-Ops Training Camp
    • Lost End Outlook
    • Mesa Comm. Station
    • Blackshard Platinum Mine
  • Some outposts were moved to locations that better serve the new conquest flow on Indar
    • Ceres Farms
    • NS Secure Data Labs
    • Seabed Listening Post
  • Nearly every outpost on Indar received some work to help secure the spawn rooms and the capture points. Our goal was to make it make it much tougher to impact these areas from vehicles
  • Crown Capture Points relocated. We moved two capture points for the Crown down onto the nearby bridges. We also moved the spawn room back into the tower
  • New Roads have been added to match the conquest lanes created with the new Hex map. They areā€¦
    • From Indar Bay Point to Sandstone Gulch.
    • From West Highlands Checkpoint to Indar Comm Array to Dahaka Southern Post
    • From West Highlands Checkpoint to Allatum Broadcast Hub
    • From Gravel Pass to Blackshard Iridium Mine
  • We also removed some roads to better direct traffic along the conquest lanes. *These areas remain passable terrain, we just removed the road.
    • From Allatum Research Lab to Hvar Northgate Garrison
    • From West Highlands Checkpoint to Allatum Research Lab
    • From West Highlands Checkpoint to Quarts Ridge Camp
    • From Gravel Pass to Tawrich Tower
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