Test Server Update (2013/04/09)

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The Test Server has been updated to reflect the following changes:

  • Tank Mines have had their size and collision scaled up.
  • Removed forced weapon swap after deployment.
  • Improved traction for the Flash has been implemented.
  • Proximity Repair system should properly award support XP to the owner if they are not in the driver seat
  • Turret shadows should rotate with the turret appropriately
  • Removed capture bonus time for standing at the cap point. Standardized uncontested capture times are:
    • Small Outpost = 4 minutes
    • Large Outpost = 7 minutes
    • Facilities = 10 minutes
  • Ally activity is now displayed on the map.
  • Capture progress is now displayed on the map.
  • Removed blinking map regions.
  • Medals are now displayed in the loadout from the main Class screen.
  • Added a supply button to the loadout on the main Class screen.
  • Locked gear and weapons can now be viewed and unlocked from the loadout screen.
  • The Squad listing in the social window should now display additional squads when scrolling down.
  • Players can now preview vehicle items, decals, and tints.
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