Test Server Update (2013/05/29)

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Here are a few noteworthy changes that have recently made their way to the Public Test Server. If you have a few minutes to spare, we would appreciate you using some of them to try to break all of these things. Thanks all.


[edit] Find Facilities Feature on Map

  • We’ve added a search field to the map to locate facility by name

[edit] New Alert Types

  • There are 11 new alerts that focus on taking specific installations across Auraxis or on specific continents:
    • Capture Biolabs (global)
    • Capture Tech Plants (global)
    • Capture Amp Stations (global)
    • Capture Biolabs: Amerish
    • Capture Tech Plants: Amerish
    • Capture Amp Stations: Amerish
    • Capture Biolabs: Indar
    • Capture Tech Plants: Indar
    • Capture Amp Stations: Indar
    • Capture Biolabs: Esamir
    • Capture Amp Stations: Esamir
  • Taking all facilities of the specified type will win the alert for your empire immediately
  • If time expires without an empire claiming all of the specified facility type, the reward is divided between all empires based on the percentage of the facility type owned when the alert expires.

[edit] Updated Weapon Art

We’ve updated the art for the following weapons:

[edit] Customizable Squad Colors for Platoons

  • Players can now customize their squad colors with a dropdown color picker on each squad name in the platoon management screen
  • This is personal/client-side only – platoon leaders don’t pick everyone’s colors

[edit] Warpgate Rotation

  • Faction warpgates have been rotated counter-clockwise

[edit] Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue that could allow vehicles to clip into geometry
  • Optic attachment and iron sight views have been made more consistent across all three empires.
  • Tracers are now more visible during the daytime.
  • Muzzle flashes are now visible for the full render distance of infantry.
  • NS tracers are now white.
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