Test Server Update (2013/08/20)

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[edit] Physics and Projectile System Improvements

This has some far reaching ramifications, but the key things this hopefully does for you guys include:

  • Fix for guided rockets not traveling the correct path on other clients
  • Fix for projectiles not rendering when shot out of render distance (looking at you AV MANA turret)
  • Fixed Striker missiles flying through terrain and buildings and still hitting targets
  • Victims of the Phoenix missile should no longer see the projectile adjust course quickly within 10m and then detonate

vAir to Air rockets won’t look like they’re bouncing back and forth to remote clients This was dangeroso code to touch, so we’re interested to see if there were any unintended consequences we haven’t caught yet. Let us know if you find anything unusual.

[edit] Infantry Tuning

It’s still pretty early for these, but we wanted to get feedback as soon as possible.

  • These haven’t seen any significant testing yet so we’re definitely anticipating we may need to make some changes, so don’t be shy.
  • We’re not releasing numbers/data for these yet, but as things start to solidify we’ll remedy that.
  • Please let us know how you think these changes hold up in action.
    • Flak Armor changes (Infantry only)
      • Flak Armor will now also be affective against the direct impact damage of explosive projectiles. Includes:
        • Rocket Pods
        • Rocket Launchers
        • Grenade Launchers
    • MAX AV weapon update
      • Damage vs. Infantry being reduced (vehicle damage is unaffected)
        • NC Raven
        • NC Falcon
        • TR Fracture
        • TR Pounder
        • VS Comet
      • Damage vs. infantry being increased
        • VS Vortex
      • Other changes
        • NC Falcon projectile acceleration and max speed being slightly increased to extend its effective range and bring it more in line with other MAX weapons.

[edit] Drifter Changes

We’ve been messing around with ways to try and help make Drifter Jump Jets more interesting/useful. Here’s what we did:

  • Drifters now provide a greater initial height boost (~3 meters)
  • Initial fuel cost has been increased
  • Fuel consumption slightly reduced to compensate for initial fuel cost increase.
  • Repeatedly tapping the Jump jet key will now slightly increase height at the cost of fuel
  • Descriptions updated

We’re not sure if this is precisely where we want these though, so we’re really interested in your feedback to see if these changes are worthy of pushing to Live or if we need to do some more refining first.

[edit] Certification Clean Up

In an effort to clean up the certification trees, we’ve cleared out all the weapons you don’t own so they don’t display in the certs area until you actually purchase them. And unlike what we mistakenly pushed live a little while ago (hotfix pending), we now should account for the need to upgrade your engineer turrets.

[edit] But Wait! There’s More!

  • Added a display for Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) to air vehicles
  • Added another “Other” cosmetic slot for the Sunderer
  • Made ammo pack indicators smaller
  • Changed the rifle pose in 3rd person
  • Made alterations to the SCU Room Shield and the Vehicle Gate Shield model
  • Hooked up new phalanx turret icons on the squad display
  • Added dome shields to Amerish

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix to prevent AOE damage hitting players inside IFF shields from certain angles
  • Fix for scope sway persisting into optics that aren’t intended to have any
  • Addressed large amounts of interpenetration in the spawn room at Andvari Frozen Reservoir that could cause players to get stuck in spawn tubes
  • Fixed a bug that caused Thermal or Nightvision to persist when switching from the gunner seat to the driver seat in the Harasser
  • Fixed missing gate shield generators at Freyr Amp Station
  • Repeatedly firing single shot weapons before the firing animation ends will no longer cause the weapon’s animation to pop
  • Fixed the M12 Kobalt’s thermal optics so they don’t reset/fade in during each reload
  • Fixed animation timing on the MSW-R’s cocking lever
  • Sunderer exhaust stacks should now display properly for players in first person that are seated in the passenger seat
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to attempt to redeploy with the hotkey from the character select screen
  • Fixed missing reload audio for the Lasher X2
  • Fixed some alignment issues on the 3rd person Mosquito HUD
  • Fixed a broken animation for turning while the ammo pack equipped
  • Pilots can no longer utilize free-look to lock on to targets
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