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Titles are flair that each player earns as they increase Battle Rank. They can also be earned through SOE promotions.

[edit] List of Titles

Titles Unlocked With
Veteran Veteran Veteran Played PlanetSide 1
Exterminator Exterminator Exterminator Played PlanetSide 2 Beta
Founder Founder Founder Purchase of Alpha Squad
Loyal Soldier Loyal Soldier Loyal Soldier Loyal Soldier Pack
Snowblower Snowblower Snowblower Shot 10 snowmen during the Christmas Holiday 2013 event
Pyro Pyro Pyro Get 60 kills with a Patriot Flare Gun
Hater Hater Hater Get 60 kills with a Black Heart Crossbow
Sweetheart Sweetheart Sweetheart Get 60 kills with the Heartstring Crossbow
Snowballer Snowballer Snowballer Get 60 kills with the NS Deep Freeze
Space Space Space Complete 2014 Halloween holiday directive event
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Complete 2014 Christmas holiday directive event
- - Skirmisher Vanu Reward for winning WDS Pre-Season
- Raid Boss - Exclusive title for Daddy for earning enough certs to unlock everything in the game
- - Fleet Admiral Exclusive title for blib for earning enough certs to unlock everything in the game
Executive Officer - - Exclusive title for TorokF for earning enough certs to unlock everything in the game
AGD Patriarch AGD Patriarch AGD Patriarch Exclusive title for Vindicore for his work on the Planetside Upgrade Project AGD: Armchair Game Designer
Daum Title 1 Daum Title 1 Daum Title 1 Bugged title that was available in the store for a limited time, as part of several bundles
Record Smasher Record Smasher Record Smasher Participated in the 2015 Planetside 2 Guinness World Record battle
Recruit Private Initiate Battle Rank 1
Cadet PFC Novus Battle Rank 2
Grunt Specialist Disciple Battle Rank 4
Trooper Lance Cpl. Aspirant Battle Rank 6
Gunner Corporal Lictor Battle Rank 8
Guerilla Sergeant Decanus Battle Rank 11
Scout Staff Sgt. Preceptor Battle Rank 14
Vigilante Tech Sgt. Prefect Battle Rank 17
Maverick Sgt. 1st Class Adept Battle Rank 20
Serviceman Master Sgt. Legionary Battle Rank 23
Guardsman First Sgt. Adherent Battle Rank 26
Corporal Sgt. Major Operant Battle Rank 29
Cavalier Comm. Sgt. Major Venator Battle Rank 32
Commando Warrant Officer Arcanus Battle Rank 35
Ranger Second Lt. Justicar Battle Rank 38
Deputy First Lt. Ascendant Battle Rank 42
Ensign Lt. Commander Primus Battle Rank 46
Agent Commander Centurion Battle Rank 51
Raider Captain Signifer Battle Rank 56
Warden Major Castellan Battle Rank 61
Overseer Lt. Colonel Immortal Battle Rank 66
Sentinel Colonel Legate Battle Rank 71
Brigadier Commissar Archon Battle Rank 76
Maj. General Maj. General Praetor Battle Rank 82
Deputy Director Lt. General Harbinger Battle Rank 88
Director General General Primarch Battle Rank 94
Executor Field Marshal Paragon Battle Rank 100
Battle-scared Battle-scared Battle-scared  ?????
PlanetSide Universe
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