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Alpha Squad, a deal offered by SOE during closed beta, grants various perks and post-launch benefits. Announced on 7th September 2012 at a price of $39.99, the product includes instant beta access, Station CashStation cash and in-game perks.[1]


[edit] Benefits

The pack costs $39.99 and includes a number of items and perks.

[edit] Instant Benefits

Purchasing the Alpha Squad grants the player instant access to the beta test. It also credits the user's account with 4000Station cash ($40).

For European players, funds will be converted along with any other accrued Station Cash to ProSiebenSat.1 Seven Cash when the game is launched.

[edit] Post-Launch Benefits

At game launch, Alpha Squad unlocks further benefits:

  • An exclusive camo set. This includes matching camouflage for armor, vehicles and weapons.
  • An exclusive Alpha Squad decal
  • A title of 'Founder'
  • A number of weapon unlocks for each empire
  • A 6 month 10% XP and resource boost implant which stacks with Membership
  • Reserve your player name

[edit] Weapons

Twelve weapons are unlocked for Alpha Squad members; one for each combat class per empire:

Alpha Squad weapon unlocks
Empire Assault Rifle Carbine LMG Sniper
Terran Republic Cycler TRV T5 AMC TMG-50 SR-7
New Conglomerate GR-22 AC-X11 EM6 LA80
Vanu Sovereignty H-V45 Pulsar C SVA-88 V10

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[edit] References

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