Update (2013/01/22)

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[edit] General

Players may note the following changes:

  • A number of Server and Client stability optimizations have been made.
  • The Heavy Assault Shield should no longer fail to work after respawning.
  • The Deployment screen now features top defensive locations on the continent as respawn points.
  • Instant Action will now send players to areas with more combat.
  • New players will now be placed at a spawn point in a battle instead of being drop podded in.

[edit] Liberators/Galaxies:

  • These aircraft are now easier to lock-on to with anti-air missles. By default you can lock on to them 1 second faster. This means it requires 2.5 seconds to lock on to an ESF and 1.5 seconds to lock-on to a Liberator/Galaxy.
  • Lock on rockets and missiles should now hit more frequently and are harder to dodge.

Lock-on weapons can only be avoided by the following:

  • Flares
  • Forcing the missile to hit something else
  • Outrunning it which requires you to be distant and burn a lot of fuel
  • A very near miss which should be very challenging
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