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A lone mercenary for hire, not much is known about his childhood. He started to appear on the records when he joined the Terran republic military back when it was formed on earth and received extensive military training. In the year 2636 he found himself assigned to the space expedition through the wormhole. Having been assigned to the fourth ship in the lineup to get pulled through the wormhole John found himself watching the horror of half the fleet being decimated as well as most of his previous friends made in the multiple years of service. This emotional suffering left him wanting out of the military. Even though he tried to resign the Terran republic refused to let him out due to the rising rift between the new conglomerate insurgents and the Terran republic military. Having seen the sheer restriction of his rights John found his only way out of the military and into his own freedom was to join the insurgents fighting back against the government. While stationed aboard the explorer-5 he attempted his transition. During the battle he abandoned his post and uniform in order to disguise himself as one of the insurgents and assisted with the distribution of weapons. It was at this point where the newly liberated Man changed his name to John in order to hide from the Terran militaries swift justice. As his previous identity was accounted as one of the 70 to die he found himself free of the tyranny. John realized however that every Terran soldier was trapped in the system whether they knew so or not and decided that his newly gained freedom would be utilized in order to fight to liberate the Terran republic security officers from being forced into fighting. This is the ancestor of the late Sparkh41 who continues to fight for the ideals of his forefathers.

PlanetSide Universe
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