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The Vanu Accord
Leader Miller VS - Outfit Leaders
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region Europe
Server Miller
Stats TVA - The Vanu Accord Stats

The Vanu Accord is a multi-outfit organisation comprised of various Vanu Sovereignty Outfits on the Miller (EU) server within Planetside 2.

It was created by a core group of outfits from the original Planetside game and has grown to include most of the Vanu outfits on the server. Cooperation is the main focus of the alliance and the accord's communications are open to those outfits who are not formally members.

The Vanu Accord got silent in 2014 but in 2017 it got reawaken by lightpsychoVS and Pronixx of Emerald Immersion [EDIM]. They called in all Outfit leaders to speak about the situation noticable in the overall gameplay on Miller VS and to rearm as member of the TVA again and try to follow some new plans. With the old administrators of TVA being at the meeting as well, they got the permission to use the TVA and change it to what it is today.

Currently the TVA is still in progress and under work but you can already notice when stuff is happening in the name of The Vanu Accord!

There are actually not many organised outfits left on Miller VS. The outfit browser doesn't even show the most of the old outfits anymore but the participating outfits are able to rock the whole server as one unit! --Lightpsycho (talk) 07:32, 11 April 2018 (CDT)

[edit] TVA Outfits

Tag Outfit Name Website/Forum
[1FR] 1FR Forum
[ADAC] Battle and Rescure Service Website
[DWHQ] Druckwelle Forum
[EDIM] Emerald Immersion Forum
[KOTV] Keepers Of The Void Forum
[MDK] Mandrake Website
[VCBC] Vanu Cream Bun Community Forum

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