Beta Update (2012/11/16)

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The servers were brought down for an update and players may note the following changes:


[edit] General

  • Fixed multiple client crashes.
  • Using Twitch from within the game should no longer crash the client.
  • Players should no longer hear double footsteps.
  • Players will no longer regenerate health in enemy bases.
  • The microphone volume while streaming through Twitch will no longer crash the client.

[edit] Classes

  • The Heavy Assault Resist Shield will now functional correctly after it's been depleted.
  • Symbiotic Healing is no longer available.

[edit] UI

  • MAX units should now be able to see who is repairing them.
  • Players should now be able to set keybindings.
  • Progress bars for Satellite outposts and Capture Points should now update correctly.
  • The number of players currently capturing a point is now displayed.
  • Joystick keybindings should now be working as intended.
  • Players will now longer be able to select Request Transport from the Quick Action Menu.
  • Class certification are now organized by equipment slot instead of item type.
  • The Recon Detect Device is no longer listed as an IFF Device.
  • Players will now receive the Warden (instead of the Stalker) when purchased.
  • Quick Deploy to Squad Leader is now functional across continents.
  • Linkdead players should be able to log back in and be returned to their squad.
  • Weapon kills and Accuracy are now being tracked properly on the Weapon Stats page.
  • Keybindings are now split into Vehicle and Air.
  • Muting a player from the Quick Action Menu no longer removes them from the players friends list.

[edit] Visuals

  • Vehicles should no longer display incorrect faction colors.
  • An Engineer will no longer appear to be manning a turret after he exits it.
  • Players should no longer experience an inverted view after resupplying.
  • Decals will now correctly appear on vehicles.
  • Decals can now be disabled in the UI.
  • The Mosquito landing gear will no longer go through the fuselage.
  • The players hand should no longer clip through the Pistol.

[edit] Weapons

  • The AMR-66 Suppressor can now be properly attached to the weapon.
  • There are no longer duplicate Forward Grip certifications available.
  • The LA80 now has the correct Marketplace description.
  • The role of the G30 Vulcan and P525 Marauder Grenade launcher has been switched. The Vulcan is now an anti-vehicle weapon and the Marauder anti-personnel.
  • Reflex sights are now equipable on the Warden Battle Rifle and Shadow Scout Rifle.
  • SAS-R Impetus is now listed a sniper rifle certification.
  • Equipping a 2x Reflex Sight should no longer switch players to an Infiltrator.
  • Attaching a suppressor to a weapon will no longer switch players to Light Assault.
  • The FA1 Barrage 4X scope is now available.
  • The underbarrel grenade launcher and shotgun attachments will now longer flip players view upside down.
  • The NC Guerilla and TSR Kovac flashlight attachments are no longer improperly labeled a compensator.
  • The Reflex Sight on the VS shotgun will no longer display improperly.
  • The Thanatos Reflex Sight and slug ammunition should now appear in the loadout after purchase.
  • The Laser Sight organization has been moved closer to the designator.
  • All non-pistol weapon flashlights and laser dots have been moved to the side.
  • All Scopes have been renamed:

[edit] NC

  • 1X Reflex - TechLite Reflex
  • 2X Reflex - GD RefleXR
  • 3.4x - LACO 3.4X
  • 3.4x Laser - OC TacSight
  • 4x - TrueShot-4
  • 4x Laser - OC Mark IV
  • 6x - BDS-6
  • 7x - M7 Optics
  • 8x - DE8
  • 10x - IO-10
  • 12x - IO-12

[edit] TR

  • 1X Reflex - RTA Reflex Sight
  • 2X Reflex - MH2 Reflex Sight
  • 3.4x - HDS 3.4x
  • 3.4x Laser - DMO 3.4x
  • 4x - ACS 4x
  • 4x Laser - TMS 4x
  • 6x - S3 6x
  • 7x - SO7
  • 8x - OPS 8x
  • 10x - APS 10x
  • 12x - LRO 12x

[edit] VS

  • 1X Reflex - HPR Reflex
  • 2X Reflex - VHO Reflex
  • 3.4x - V3 HoloScope
  • 3.4x Laser- VMS 3.4x
  • 4x - OG-4
  • 4x Laser - CS4
  • 6x - TriGon-6
  • 7x - TSO-7
  • 8x - TriGon-8
  • 10x - Mach-10
  • 12x - Mach-12

[edit] World

  • Players will no longer enter an invulnerable state and appear dead.
  • KWahtee West Pass capture point is now capturable.
  • Spawning at Tawrich Recycling will no longer kill the player.
  • Sungrey Amp Station Forward spawn at West Gate should now change empires when captured.
  • The vehicle defense shield at Amerish Xelas Bio Lab now properly fits the gate.
  • The Liberator and Mosquito will no longer point down when spawned.
  • Players will no longer spawn in the wrong direction when logging in.
  • Drop Pods no longer fall slower than intended.
  • The Jump Pad at Andvari Bio Lab is now functioning correctly.
  • Ground vehicles may not climb steep hills as they once could.
  • A few gravity pad bugs were fixed at the NC Warpgate.
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