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Carbines are shortened versions of rifles and as such provide a pivotal supporting role in close-to-medium range engagements, where cover fire is required to effectively coordinate troop movements and enable the capturing of strategic locations. Able to lay down steady streams of fire that are more lethal at close ranges, carbines shine in tight spaces where maneuverability is at a premium and pinning down the enemy is to one's advantage. Standard variants on the rifle include the TRAC-5 (TR), AF-19 Mercenary (NC), and Solstice (VS), but modular attachments for each weapon are extensive enough that two of the same model may fill radically different roles when differently configured. Carbines are available to the Light Assault and Engineer classes.

[edit] Certifications

Category Certification Name Levels, Cost, and Effects
Ammo Soft Point Ammunition 100
High Velocity Ammunition 100
Barrel Attachements Suppressor 100
Compensator 100
Flash Suppressor 100
Optics Reflex Sight 30
3.4x Scope 30
Reflex Sight 2x 30
4x Scope 30
Laser 4x Scope 30
Laser 3.4x Scope 30
6x Scope 30
IRNV Scope 30
Rail Laser Dot 100
Flashlight 100
Forward Grip 100
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher 100
Underbarrel Shotgun 100
Smoke Launcher 100

[edit] Weapons

Nanite Systems


New Conglomerate

AC-X11AF-19 MercenaryGauss Compact BurstGauss Compact SGD-7FRazor GD-23

Terran Republic

CBR-7CQC-25LC2 LynxLC3 JaguarT5 AMCT6 Cycler CompactT8 ChieftainTRAC-5TRAC-5 BurstTRAC-5 S

Vanu Sovereignty

Crux VE79Pulsar CSerpent VE92Solstice BurstSolstice SFSolstice VE3VX6-7

PlanetSide Universe
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