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Nc carbine 2x1.png
General Info
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Type Carbine
Class Light AssaultEngineer
Range Classified
Magazine Size 24
Fire Modes Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Cost to Unlock 250 Icon certification point.png OR 500Resource icon station cash.png

The powerful AC-X11 was released shortly before Auraxis' global war yet still remains in common use due to its famed reliability and high stopping power.

Weapon Stats (As of PU02)

Bullet Damage Firing Mode Reload Times Magazine Stats Recoil ADS Move Speed COF Stand ADS COF Crouch ADS COF Stand Hip COF Crouch Hip COF Bloom per Shot ROF Bullet Speed
Max Min Mode Short Long Size Pool Vertical Recoil Min/Max Horiz. Recoil Min/Max Recoil Angle Horiz. Recoil Bias Recoil Dec. First Shot Recoil Mult. ADS Move Speed Mult. Still Move Jump Still Move Still Move Sprint Jump Still Move ADS Hip ROF Bullet Speed
200 @ 10m 143 @ 85m Auto 2.045s 2.75s 24 144 0.45 0.175/0.2 0/0 ←=→ 15 1.5x 0.5x 0 0.32 3 0 0.17 2.25 2.75 5 7 1.75 2.25 0.07 0.14 500 rpm 480 m/s

PlanetSide Universe
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