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The Light Assault Light Assault class is the most mobile of all classes, utilizing jump-jet technology to move around the battlefield with unrivaled speed and agility. They also have a wide array of weaponry and can choose from the largest selection of explosives.


[edit] Backstory

See Lore for more backstory.

No soldier on Auraxis causes more chaos and confusion on the battlefield than the Light Assault. Agile and deadly, they serve their empire as an excellent flanker and skirmisher. While other classes find themselves confined by walls, buildings, and sniper alleys, the Light Assault makes shortcuts and controls the flow of combat from on high. The battlefield is their playground!

The Light Assault’s extreme mobility is their defining trait and allows them to move faster than most other soldiers. Each one of the Light Assault’s various Jumpjet configurations grants them the ability to take on different obstacles, shifting their role in combat. The Standard Jumpjets allow them to make their way over barriers and enemy’s heads alike. They can also equip more specialized configurations, such as the high boost Icarus Jumpjets, to reach walled objectives and perched Infiltrators, or the hovering Glider Jets, to descend on vulnerable ground targets safely.

The Light Assault also excels at supporting their empire through their unique class grenades. The blinding Flash grenades can render entire squads helpless and allow for a momentary break in defenses. They also have access to Smoke grenades, which can be used to block sniper alleys and direct the flow of combat. Both of the Light Assault’s class explosives are important in allowing their empire to make the final push in capturing difficult objectives.

In addition to their utility on the field, they also excel at short to medium range combat. The Light Assault is able to choose from a diverse arsenal of various weapon types, including rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. These options allow them to adapt to whatever their environment demands. The best Light Assault soldiers make sure to use their powerful weapons with the element of surprise, disabling enemies before they know what hit them.

Though not as sturdy as other soldiers, the agile Light Assault can do serious damage when flanking enemy squads, taking advantage of both their vast weapon and support options. Whether acting alone to disrupt enemy forces or in a group to finish capturing a facility, the Light Assault is a fearsome presence on the battlefields of Auraxis.[1]

[edit] Armaments

Weapons Tools Explosives

[edit] Certifications

?Light Assault Light Assault
Category Certification Name Levels, Cost, and Effects
First Aid Certifications Medical Kit 50 100 150 500
Restoration Kit 30 100 200 500
Ability Slot Drifter Jump Jets 50 100 150 200 500
Jump Jets 0 10 50 100 150 500
Suit Slot Adrenaline Pump 30
Advanced Shield Capacitor 1 10 30 100 200
Ammunition Belt 1 10 100 1000
Flak Armor 1 10 50 150 1000
Grenade Bandolier 100 150 500
Nanoweave Armor 1 10 50 150 1000
Grenade Slot Flash Grenade 200
Smoke Grenade 200
Utility Slot C4 200 500

[edit] Weapons

Light Assault Weapons
Nanite Systems

NS-11CNS-357 UnderbossNS-44 CommissionerNS-7 PDW

New Conglomerate

AC-X11AF-19 MercenaryAF-4 CycloneBlitz GD-10Gauss Compact BurstGauss Compact SGD-66 ClawGD-7FLA39 BruiserLA8 RebelMag CutterMauler S6NC12 SweeperNC4 Mag-ShotNC4-FB Mag-ShotPistonRazor GD-23

Terran Republic

AS16 NightHawkCBR-7Chain BladeCQC-25FA1 BarrageLC2 LynxLC3 JaguarPDW-16 HailstormR8 SultanSMG-46 ArmisticeT5 AMCT6 Cycler CompactT8 ChieftainTAS-16 BlackjackTRAC-5TRAC-5 BurstTRAC-5 STRS-12 UppercutTS2 InquisitorTS4 HaymakerTS6 WolfTSR KovacTX1 RepeaterTX1-FB RepeaterTX2 Emperor

Vanu Sovereignty

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