Game Update (2013/03/22)

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[edit] General Updates

  • New empire specific rocket launchers have been added to the Depot:
    • Terran Republic: T2 Striker
    • The rapid-firing T2 Striker is capable of launching multiple heat-seeking missiles at both air and ground vehicles.
  • New Conglomerate: NC15 Phoenix
    • The NC15 Phoenix uses a camera guided missile that allows the user to make adjustments in mid-flight, vastly increasing accuracy at range.
  • Vanu Sovereignty: Lancer VS22
    • The Lancer VS22’s charge up particle accelerator is capable of firing a beam that punches through enemy armor with frightening speed. The more the weapon is charged the more ammunition will be used, causing more damage.
  • Client stability improvements
  • All factions should now be able to equip the Burning Resolve Armor Decal appropriately
  • Lock-on UI for A2A missiles fixed
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