NC15 Phoenix

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NC15 Phoenix
Icon Weapon NC RocketLauncher002 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Type Rocket Launcher
Class Heavy Assault
Range Classified
Magazine Size 1
Fire Modes Camera Guided
Cost to Unlock 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

The NC15 Phoenix uses a camera guided missile that allows the user to make adjustments in mid-flight, vastly increasing accuracy at range. NC use only.

[edit] Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Rocket Damage

  • 750

Splash Damage

  • 100

Fire Mode

  • Camera Guided

Short Reload

  • 5.2s

Long Reload

  • 5.2s

Magazine Size

  • 1

Ammo Pool

  • 4

Lock On Time

  • N/A

Lock Lose Time

  • N/A

Lock On Range

  • N/A

Lock On Angle

  • N/A

ADS Move Speed Multiplier

  • 0.5x

COF Stand Hipfire

  • Still: N/A
  • Move: N/A
  • Sprint: N/A
  • Jump: N/A

COF Crouch Hipfire

  • Still: N/A
  • Move: N/A

COF Bloom per Shot

  • ADS: 2
  • Hipfire: 2


  • 12 rpm

Rocket Speed Dumbfire

  • 42 m/s

Rocket Speed Locked On

  • N/A

Max Range Dumbfire

  • 295m

Max Range Locked On

  • N/A

Rocket Drop

  • 0.5

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