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The Grief system in PlanetSide 2 is meant to punish those who repeatedly team-kill or hurt friendlies. When you shoot and hit a friendly unit, the HUD will display Icon noImplants 128.png over your crosshair, accompanied by a distinct sound. Repeatedly doing this will incur several warning messages. After the final warning, you will be weapons locked, and be unable to fire any weapon or use any device. The weapons lock will eventually end, but it can take anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes, depending upon how much damage you did. The grief level will slowly degrade over time or when you are logged out. There is currently no way to see how close you are to a weapons lock besides the warning messages.


PlanetSide 1 had a point system for grief with the following levels:

  • Level 1 (0-600): You are gently reminded, via a help window, of why it's a bad idea to kill friendlies and how the grief system works.
  • Level 2 (600-1000): You are warned, via a pop-up warning in the center of your screen, that killing friendlies is a bad idea and will eventually cause you lots of problems. This warning pops up 3-4 times before you hit the next level.
  • Level 3 (1000 plus): Weapons lock. Weapons cannot be fired and reduction of your max throttle speed to 10% (so that you can't ram anyone). This weapons lock lasts for 20- 30 minutes.
  • Level 4 (1600): Account Suspension for 3 days.
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