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A Heads-up Display, or HUD, shows you important information without having to open a map or menu, allowing you to keep your focus on your surroundings and the enemy.

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[edit] A. Chat Window

The chat window displays all forms of communication, indicated by different colors for each type of communication.

[edit] Chat

  • Local = White
  • Yell = Light Red
  • Squad = Teal
  • Outfit = Green

[edit] Notifications

  • General notifications = Yellow/Brown (position in vehicle queue, Squad/Outfit join and leave messages)
  • Warnings = Red (friendly fire messages)

[edit] B. Territory Information

Shows what area you are currently in, and what Empire has control over it. When an area or facility is in the process of changing ownership, this area will display the progress of the transfer.

[edit] C. Resources

This area will inform you of your current amount of resources, each resource is displayed individually. The amount of Certification Points that are available to you is also displayed.

Icon legend:

[edit] D. Mini Map

The mini map will display the surrounding territory, including buildings, important locations and nearby forces. It also displays your location in comparison to your surroundings, and the direction you are facing.

Above the mini map is a compass showing you which direction you are facing.

[edit] E. Squad Information

This area will show you information on your Squad:

  • The names of your Squad Members
  • Their position in the Squad (1-12)
  • Their current class (Squad Members who are currently dead will have a skull icon instead of their class icon)

The name of the Squad Leader is shown in yellow, the other members are colored green.

[edit] F. Capture Information

Notifications regarding the capture or loss of a Facility are displayed in this area. Outpost notifications are shown as in the image, Facility captures appear much more prominent, and including the logo of the conquering Empire.

[edit] G. Kill Information

This window will inform you of any event involving a player death, including suicides. From left to right:

  • Empire affiliation of the person who got the kill
  • Name of the player who got the kill
  • Weapon or vehicle used to kill the opponent (suicides and certain rare circumstance deaths will display a blank area)
  • Name of the person who got killed
  • Empire affiliation of the person who got killed

Friendly names are always displayed in green, while enemy names are displayed in red.

[edit] H. Vehicle Information

This will display which (if any) vehicle you have ownership of currently. The vehicle image also reflects the vehicle's health, from fully filled at no damage to almost depleted at near destruction.

The timer above the vehicle image displays the time remaining before the vehicle will be automatically despawned. This will only trigger if there are no occupants in the vehicle. Re-entering the vehicle will reset the timer.

[edit] I. Gameworld Icons

Important locations such as capture points, equipment and vehicle terminals and spawn rooms, as well as friendly and enemy troops, are shown on the gameworld through the use of icons. These icons will only appear once you are within a certain range of them, and once they appear the distance to the target will display underneath the icon.

Icon Legend:

The color of the icon will depend on the controlling Empire: purple (VS), red (TR), blue (NC) or white (neutral))

  • Icon commandConsole aircraft VS 32.png - Aircraft Terminal (VS)
  • Icon commandConsole galaxy neutral 32.png - Galaxy Terminal
  • Icon commandConsole vehicle neutral 32.png - Heavy Ground Vehicle Terminal
  • Icon commandConsole quad neutral 32.png - Light Ground Vehicle Terminal
  • Icon commandConsole VS 32.png - Equipment Terminal
  • Icon stationary warpGate tr 32.png - Warpgate (TR)

[edit] J. Special Ability

When playing a class that has a special ability, such as a Light Assault with their jumpjet, than this area will display a small ability image surrounded by a circle (or similar). This will display the fuel/power level of your special ability, when this is depleted a short recharge time will be required before the ability is available again.

[edit] K. Personal Information

This area shows vital information about your character:

  • Health - indicated by the green bar
  • Shield - indicated by the blue bar
  • Ammunition - from left to right
    • amount of grenades you have left
    • ammunition in your current clip
    • ammunition in your backpack
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