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General Info
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Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
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Icon ant 
Type Ground
Role Construction
Crew 2
Passengers 2
Cost 200 Nanites ressource
Default Spawn Timer N/A Minutes
Default Primary WLT-Mandible Mining Laser
Default Secondary WLT-Yellowjacket Mining Laser

The ANT is a medium ground construction vehicle. The main purpose of the vehicle is to collect randomly spawning resouces called Cortium, which can then be used to create player-made bases. By default, the driver has access to a WLT-Mandible Mining Laser which is used to collect Cortium from Cortium Crystals, whilst the gunner uses a WLT-Yellowjacket Mining Laser, which also mines Cortium. The top gunner turret can be replaced by an offensive weapon for self defense, rather than mining.

As the backbone of the Construction System, ANTs collect resources and begin the construction of bases. The ANT can deploy, allowing access to a terminal on the back of the vehicle. Using the terminal gives the player the ability to purchase and build construction items, such as walls or silos.

Ants can be spawned at any ground vehicle terminal.



ANT Gunner Weapons
Weapon Role Range Cost
WLT-Yellowjacket Mining Laser 150px ANT Harvesting Tool Short Default Weapon
M20 Basilisk Icon vehicleItem 20mmVehicleTurret 256x128.png All-Purpose Long Default Weapon
M12 Kobalt Icon vehicleItem 50calMachineGun 256x128.png Anti-Infantry Long 100 Icon certification point.png OR 250Resource icon station cash.png
M60-G Bulldog Icon vehicleItem 60mmVehicleTurret 256x128.png Anti-Infantry Low 250 Icon certification point.png OR 500Resource icon station cash.png
M40 Fury Icon vehicleItem 40mmGrenadeLauncher 256x128.png Anti-Armor Very Low Icon certification point.png OR Resource icon station cash.png
G30 Walker Icon vehicleItem 30mmFlakTurret 256x128.png Anti-Air Long Icon certification point.png OR Resource icon station cash.png
G40-F Ranger Icon vehicleItem 30mmFlakTurret 256x128.png Anti-Air Long 750 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png
ANT Driver Weapons
WLT-Mandible Mining Laser 150px ANT Harvesting Tool Short Default Weapon
WLT-Howler Mining Laser [[WLT-Howler Mining Laser|150px]] WLT-Howler Mining Laser WLT-Howler Mining Laser Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[".


?ANT Certifications
Category Certification Name Levels, Cost, and Effects
Passive Cortium Storage 50 150 200 500 1000
Mineral Radar 50 100 200 500
Utilities Scout Radar 1 4 12 24
IR Smoke 50 100 200 500
Fire Suppression System 30 50 100 500
Transport Cloak 50 100 200 500
C-Barrier 50 100 200 500
C300 Turbo Engine 150 200 400 500 1000
Defense Slot Mine Guard 30 50 100 150
Reinforced Armor 100
Nanite Auto Repair System 30 50 100 200 500
Vehicle Stealth 30 100 200 1000
Performance Rival Combat Chassis 100 200 400
Racer High Speed Chassis 100 200 400

Useful knowledge





In the original PlanetSide, the ANT was a small vehicle that filled up with resources at a friendly warpgate. Once full, it could be transported to a friendly base, where upon it would be deployed near a structure that drained the ANT to power the bases automatic defenses, passively decreasing in resources until none is left. If the base ran out of resources, it would then be neutralized, and easy for anyone to capture. However, many players felt like it was nothing but a chore to do, as otherwise the base would take hours to run out of energy, and the resupplying process usually goes without any action.

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