152nd Spaceborne

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152nd Spaceborne
Leader KodanBlack (OzModeusX)
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region Eastern-Central US
Server Connery
Website 152nd VSAAG Spaceborne
Stats 152nd Spaceborne Stats

The 152nd Spaceborne is an outfit fighting for the Vanu Sovereignty. The unit specializes in using combined arms to accomplish strategic goals with an emphasis on rapid, surgical strikes against key locations. Whilst other outfits are open to the public to accomplish greater numbers, the 152nd is a small group of close soldiers. Emphasizing teamwork, the 152nd VSAAG accomplishes small stealthy operations quickly and efficiently. Microphones are required, as well as Raidcall. We have a mix of variously certed classes and vehicles and can adapt to nearly any situation.

Our website is our forum! It includes boards for other VS outfits to coordinate with us if they'd like to, talk about any incidents that may have happened between us and them, as well as having a member's only board for the outfit. Our forums are open to all, including enemies if there are incidents or some such, or if you'd like to hold events and want to include us.

We're currently recruiting to get our ranks back up to decent numbers to balance out those of us who are busy for the summer, as well as to be more active overall. If you're into the idea of a smaller more close knit outfit, please visit our forum or contact any of us in game that are currently online! We're friendly and don't mind helping out newer players, or playing with other experienced players.

Inactive members are removed periodically, unless you contact us ahead of time to let us know about your extended away period.

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