1st Cavalry Division

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1st Cavalry Division
Leader LTC Still
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations [1CAV]
Website http://thefirstcav.com/home
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[edit] About us

Lore: The New Conglomerate now locked in bloody conflict with both the Terran Republic and the Vanu Sovereignty for the liberation of the planet Auraxis have now looked to train professional soldiers. Leaders of the struggling rebellion have begun to form units and put forth the call for all men and women of the NC to step up and fight for their freedom against the oppression of a tyrannical empire. Of the many units formed from this movement came the 1st Cavalry, a unit dedicated to the ideals of the New Conglomerate and the protection of its people. Growing stronger by the day and gaining influence among the populace they march on the path to a better and brighter future of Rights and Freedom for all.

About Our Outfit: - The 1st Cav has been around for roughly 4 years, we are a group of gamers that enjoy teamwork and having a group of friends that play together regularly in a tactical manner. Our units uses the United States Army's structure for organization and ranks. We do not have many requirements and there is no specific time you need to be on with the odd exceptions.

- The 1st Cav also plays many other different types of games, anything like Call of Duty to Company of Heroes. Chances are a few people in our Unit enjoy the same games that you do.

[edit] Structure & Info

The 1st operates under a military hierarchy, but still gives players the independence they deserve.


Enlisted Ranks PVT PV2 PFC SPC

Non-Commisioned Officers CPL SGT SSG SFC MSG 1SG SGM CSM

Officers 2LT 1LT CPT MAJ LTC

[edit] Recruitment

-Be at least 17 years old

-Have a microphone or intend on getting one within 2 weeks of acceptance

-Have Teamspeak 3


-Have spent at least 1 week in teamspeak

-Understanding of the General Orders

-When you are on, we expect you to be on Teamspeak

-Have the sponsorship of at least 1 member above the rank of Recruit

If you meet the requirements and still wish to join follow the instructions below. - Create a profile on First Cav Website - Fill out the Application Form - Join us on our Teamspeak 3

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