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301st Exiled Brigade

Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US East
Server Emerald
Website http://301e.tk/


[edit] Joining Requirements

The 301st Exiled Brigade is a Terran Republic outfit on Emerald, which has minimal joining requirements. All you need is a microphone and TeamSpeak 3 to join. If you would like to join, please talk to an officer on our TeamSpeak 3 server (301e.myts3.ovh), send a request in game (please state that you have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3 in that request) or apply on our website.

[edit] Operations

We will often have ops, but can vary in what type. We sometimes run Public Ops, or ops that we open up and usually run a large squad or multi-squad platoon. We also often run Tight Ops or Outfit Ops which will only be open to outfit members. These ops are usually run by a higher ranked officer, and are really serious. During these ops we intend to get things done efficiently and orderly. Anyone including players not in the outfit can participate in Public Ops, however only outfit members are allowed to participate in our Tight Ops. See our website for callouts/orders.

[edit] Ranks

We do have ranks in our outfit to help us run smoother without there being any confusion of commands or leadership. When you first join you will be placed at the rank Trainee, this rank is just so we can see if you fit in the outfit, and is meant to be short-term. Once we decide you are qualified, we will promote you to Member, which makes up most of the outfit. These players will be the ones taking part in the ops, etc. If we think you have been acting extraordinarily well while participating in ops, carrying out orders, or overall being a respectful outfit member, we will promote you to Veteran. These members will usually be the ones helping the higher officers run Ops, and making sure the outfit runs smoothly. The Elites are the second in command, and will often run ops, help solve any problems the outfit has, or help out the Commanders. The top dogs are the Commanders. Their word is law, and anything they say or do overrides that of a lower officer or member. See our website guidelines for more information on the ranks.

[edit] Important Contact Information And Links

Website: http://301e.tk/

TeamSpeak 3: Ts3server://301e.myts3.ovh

Support Email: [email protected]

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