382nd Terran Air Wing

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382nd Terran Air Wing
382nd Logo Main.png
Leader ChefStark
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations 382
Website http://www.382nd.com
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[edit] 382nd

The 382 started out as an elite air outfit but has over the years has tranformed itself into a reputable casual combined arms force. With an active membership of around 3000 we pride ourselves in almost always having platoons up, and our members for consistently being a force to be reckoned with. Many of our members have gone on to join some of the most elite outfits in the game, but the 382 stays true to its culture of being a casual yet tactical 'zergfit.'

Our platoons are friendly for players of all skill levels, we offer a relaxed environment for newer players as well as a more tactical one for those ready and able to follow orders. We have a Server Smash contingent, and offer small tactical operation runs for players who want a taste of the more competitive game that Planetside 2 has to offer.

For new players we offer a lot of ways to get better, through mentoring up, or reading our guides and materials for those who want to get better at their own pace. We also have a leadership training school for outfit members who want to become great leaders.

For more information you can check out our website or contact us in-game. The outfit also offers a website with forums, a TeamSpeak3 server and a Steam group.

There is a place for everyone in the 382 and even if you're just dropping in to have some fun, or to execute some advanced tactics We'll be glad to have you.

[edit] Events

Events in which we shall take part of can be found on our website's calendar.

[edit] Recruiting

We are actively recruiting. One way is through Planetside itelf, another is through the website. A recruitment form can be found on our website.

[edit] External Links

382nd Website

382nd Steam

382nd Star Citizen

PlanetSide Universe
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