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Leader infam0us3
Empire Terran Republic
Region US West
Server Connery

Stats 3Hyperion Stats

Hyperion are a TR outfit on the Connery server. Describing themselves as a casual/competitive outfit, Hyperion specializes in combined arms force against all enemies of the Republic.

Hyperion skyrocketed to the top of the server within less than a week of its formation, becoming the top scoring TR outfit on Connery as of July 12, 2014. Its leader, infam0us3, keeps a relaxed attitude towards the outfit but encourages members to make sure they do work and kick ass while having fun.

Among the most pivotal engagements of the outfit's formative years was the self-christened Battle of NC Salvage, in which a beleaguered platoon of Hyperion soldiers led by a green commander held a tiny outpost against an onslaught of seasoned Conglomerate foes spewing from the neighboring warpgate. The platoon defended the outpost successfully for over an hour under relentless shelling and small arms fire from Recursion and ADK troops before pulling back from the base, laying waste to all usable terminals, and leaving a smattering of claymores and C4 blocks as a parting gift to their blue-emblazoned guests.

Since then, Hyperion has branded its tri-link logo across countless territories spanning all four continents. Its leaders seize alerts with relentless force and pride themselves on employing varied strategies to keep foes on their toes. Hyperion troops are just as deadly alone as in numbers; from 2-man sniper teams to full multi-squad platoons, they can be counted on to strike when and where the enemy expects them least.

Their competitive lethality, however, does not hinder them in the slightest from keeping things light and sometimes questionably entertaining. Platoons have been known to hold impromptu Harasser crashing derbies, full platoon galaxy drops on enemy bases manned by a single soldier, Galaxy wrestling competitions, and other such shenanigans. All of this is done with the full knowledge, consent, and encouragement of their leader.

When the smoke has cleared, whether they have smothered their foes in lead or dusted their uniforms off after another day of reckless driving competitions, Hyperion gets shit done in style.

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