42nd Highlander Guards

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Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US West
Server Connery
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The 42nd is a serious armored assault outfit. Experienced players as well as fresh recruits welcome. We offer training, a mature environment to have fun and kick ass. We aim to be the best damned tank outfit in the game, and with your help, we can do just that. We do not care about your battle rank, or your K/D, but we do care that you are a mature gamer who can leave the drama in the real world and focus on having fun and contributing to the success of the outfit. We are an English speaking outfit and use voice comms all the time. Below is our Discord and Facebook links Discord is required by all members of the 42nd. The facebook group is optional. 42HG on Discord42HG on Facebook


[edit] Info

The 42nd Highlander Guards is a competitive gaming outfit specializing in armored ops and base-building. All experience levels are welcome.

[edit] Outfit Ranking

  • PRIVATE - Tank drivers, APC gunners, and garrison troopers.
  • CORPORAL - Tank commanders, trainers and builders.
  • SERGEANT - Squad Leaders and Specialists.
  • LIEUTENANT - Lieutenants are platoon leaders.
  • CAPTAIN - Captains are the highest rank, elite tankers and leaders. They run platoons, organize game sessions

[edit] Recruiting and Requirements

The 42nd Highlander Guards are currently recruiting. It is required that all applicants be semi-active and be 18 or older to be accepted into the outfit. Experience is not required. Training is offered, although your current experience level will be used to initially place you in our T.O. and a rank above Private is required for many positions within the Guards.

[edit] Exceptions to the Requirements

Semi-Active means that you are required to play Planetside 2 a minimum of once every three months. Exceptions may be made to the age requirement if another member will sponsor you. This member will be held accountable for the new applicant's behavior.

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