5th Reaper Battalion

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5th Reaper Battalion
5th Reaper Battalion.jpeg
Leader DuceBiggalo, MaleJiggalo

Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations 5RB
Website http://5threaperbattalion.boards.net/
Stats 5th Reaper Battalion Stats

[edit] Who We Are

In short, the Fifth Reapers are an outfit on Emerald. However, we offer more than the average outfit found on our server. Majority of outfits are lazy, uncoordinated, nothing more than a tag. You could join them and become cannon fodder, or strive to join the elite outfits, whose primary objective is to win, rarely having a good time doing it. What the Reapers offer is an alternative. Not necessarily a compromise, but a healthy mixture of both casual play, and rigorous efficiency. We are what you'd call a "Semi-serious" outfit. What does this mean? It means that we are a group of casual players, united by our tag in order to connect with those who make the game more fun. It also means that when alerts roll around, we get things done, and we do them well.

[edit] How We Roll

The Fifth Reaper Battalion is upheld by the five core values present in every one of our members.

- Respect

- Discipline

- Teamwork

- Honor

- Communication

These are not just core beliefs of the battalion, but also act as highlights of the rules set in place that keep us an efficiently functioning war machine. These beliefs and rules are enforced by the COs of the Battalion, mostly during alerts. That however does not mean they are not stressed outside of alerts.

The Battalion has a rank system that is to be respected. All ranks have a role to play in both keeping the outfit closely knit, and a proficient force on the battlefield. All members are approachable in-game or on the forums if certain questions arise about rank structure.

Teamwork and careful planning are crucial to success. By following orders and working together, the Reapers are able to employ tactics unattainable for an unorganized mass of players and/or some outfits. No disrespect towards our other outfits, but unfortunately their lack of organization is debilitating.

Being honorable is a value deeply stressed and encouraged in all of our members. Whether it be congratulating a worthy opponent or respecting other players and their respective property (vehicles, turrets, etc.)

Certain actions will not be tolerated in the 5th Reaper Battalion, and are grounds for a dishonorable discharge from the battalion. Trollers, Cheaters, problematic players, team killers, and those who start religious, political and racial arguments. This goes for in-game and forums. They will not be tolerated as they are some of the reasons outfits get bad names and are torn apart.

Reapers come First! The Battalion comes before the person and the faction. We stick together, work together, die and win together. Honor the name and the flag of the 5th Reaper Battalion.

[edit] Think you can be a Reaper?

The 5th Reaper Battalion runs on the philosophy: "quality over quantity". We are looking for dedicated and mature players that are willing to respect the rules, follow squad/platoon leaders orders, and work as a team with his fellow Reapers and TR soldiers. Members must be active as there is a Leave of Absence protocol. 5th Reapers Bat. has no age (maturity is need), no rank or experience restrictions. If you would like to give us a try, there are a few ways this can be done:

- Joining one of our squads/platoons and asking to join the 5th Reaper Battalion.

- Going to our forums, reading the rules, registering and messaging MaleJiggalo or DuceBiggalo asking to join. (introduce yourself in the Recruit Introduction forum if you would like)


Good luck and godspeed, soldier.

Sgt. Maj. MaleJiggalo

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