666th Devil Dogs

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666th Devil Dogs
Leader Evilpig
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations 666th, 666DD, Devil Dogs
Website thedevildogs.org
Stats 666th Devil Dogs Stats

Founded in 2003, the 666th Devil Dogs have traditionally focused on strength through the specific application of massive and overwhelming force. Built on a philosophy of promoting a fun and friendly gaming environment for its members, the 666th supported over 1400 members on its roster during the peak of PlanetSide's popularity. With such a strong presence—as well as an Operations Commander online 24/7 to help direct its numbers—operations ran around the clock, earning the begrudging respect of enemy Vanu and Terran from every timezone.

The effectiveness of the 666th stems from its highly coordinated and mobile array of combined arms forces. Having written the proverbial book on larger outfits mobilizing and carrying out viable offensives, the outfit conducts full-scale operations on a weekly basis, as well as frequently hosts special events. The 666th's innovative and legendary "MAX Crash Team", brainchild of the outfit's leadership, has been so effective that its tactics were adopted by the PlanetSide community, and continues to be used to this day.

The 666th Devil Dogs play to win. They have had the most members, the most outfit points, the most combined kills, and the most bases captured out of any PlanetSide outfit. Regardless of server. Regardless of faction.


[edit] History

During the original PlanetSide beta, Evilpig recognized the potential that the title had to offer the gaming community. Since he wanted to be part of a large, well-run group that promoted a culture of fun, he decided the best way to ensure this was to form his own outfit. Along with Cogburn, Evilpig got the show going, and by the end of beta their startup outfit had over 600 active members. Needless to say, at launch, they hit the ground running and rolling.

The 666th have also always been involved with the developers of the game, as we offer our services to help with any projects. The 666th provided man-power to film The Bending and Aftershock trailers for PlanetSide, as well as contributing to several other notable events.

For their contributions to the PlanetSide community, the 666th were awarded their own self-designed in-game Merit Commendation by Victor "Sporkfire" Wachter, PlanetSide's Community Relations Manager. Additionally, Evilpig has also been personally recognized for his contributions to PlanetSide, and was named an SOE Player of the Year in 2007. Later in May 2012, he was aslo awarded SOE Player of the Month.

[edit] Gamespot Review

666th Devil Dog Gamespotting Feature

The 666th Devil Dogs outfit fell onto the radar of Gamespot.com and was featured on their webshow, Gamespotting. This feature gave a bump to the already existing 1400 members as well as promoted the game itself.

[edit] PlanetSide 2

In the months preceding PlanetSide 2 beta testing, the 666th began active recruitment, growing from several dozen members to over a thousand by the official launch in November 2012. In the final days of beta, the outfit was capable of fielding company-strength operations and significantly impacting the courses of the battles joined.

The 666th plans to continue making history throughout PlanetSide 2, and is always looking for new soldiers to join the cause.

[edit] Outfit Structure

The 666th Devil Dogs offers our members the experience of being a part of a significant combined arms effort. We organize into divisions, such as infantry, armor, and air, and coordinate those forces to achieve our objectives. We instill and reinforce communication and problem-solving skills in our members so that they'll be able to quickly and consistently adapt to the ever-changing battlefield conditions. Drawing influence and inspiration from real-world military strategists and tacticians, and adapting their principles to the PlanetSide environment, we make a serious threat to the enemy while enjoying the game for what it is.

[edit] Hammer Division

Hammer Division is the leading edge of the 666th Devil Dog combined arms forces. Hammer's mission is to capture and defend territory on Auraxis. The largest of the five combat divisions within the 666th, Hammer focuses on flexible infantry tactics to suppress and dominate the enemy. While Hammer is primarily an infantry fighting force, FLEX tactics are also utilized (armor, air, etc.). Well trained, well armed, and well lead, Hammer is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefields of Auraxis. If hard hitting brute force is needed, use a Hammer!

[edit] Armor Division

Armor is mobile firepower. We engage enemy infantry, armor, as well as air with efficiency and overwhelming force. It is our job to pave the way for other divisions, primarily Hammer and other allied infantry. Armor is effective at locking down spawn rooms, sweeping bases, in addition to general area engagement. The 666th Armor Division uses superior tactics to both destroy our enemies and increase the lifespan of our own members.

[edit] Air Wing

Air Wing's essential role is always to support our troops on the ground. While we may be tasked ahead of the main force temporarily to soften a target location, the vast majority of our time is spent fighting directly above our ground divisions. Our planes carry some of the most destructive weapons on and above the battlefield. Left unchecked, we can cut through entire platoons of enemy armor and lay waste to exposed infantry highlighted by the watchful eyes of our night vision and thermal scopes. Failing to acknowledge and respond appropriately to the extreme threat Air Wing poses is a universally-fatal mistake.

[edit] Shadow Team

Shadow is a special operations division of the 666th Devil Dogs Combined Arms force. Shadow members specialize in using their class of character for Preemptive Asset Denial (PADding or P.A.D.). Shadow members also practice rapid maneuverability, allowing a Shadow team to be relocated quickly to prepare a base for assault.

[edit] Rapid Response Team

An expert in short-notice combat deployments, the RRT Division is a rapidly deployable strike force. RRT utilizes specialized skills that enable it to engage in a variety of missions that include single objective operations, enemy seek & destroy missions, key objective defense and support of Hammer, Armor, and Air. RRT specializes in any mission requiring a cohesive, competent, disciplined, playstyle to ensure the precise application of combat power.

[edit] Code Of Conduct

As Devil Dogs, we share the nickname of the United States Marine Corps. We expect all members to uphold the honor that our name carries.

Listed below are the expectations of all of our members, including some of our standard operating procedures (SOP) in regards to facilitating our ability to function as a cohesive community.

1 Be civil, and show respect to all fellow players, regardless if they are friend or foe.

1.1 Act with maturity towards all community members, allies, and opponents. This applies both in-game, and out-of-game, such as on the forums or Teamspeak.​

1.2 All community members should be shown respect, regardless of title, rank, or divisional affiliation.

  • Please remember that all titles, ranks, and specific divisional affiliations are awarded to those who have shown knowledge, dedication and/or leadership abilities in the community. They adhere to, and uphold the Code of Conduct, and additional by-laws established by our divisions.

1.3 Derogatory comments, suggestions, and media will not be tolerated - especially those that imply hostility towards a particular demographic (race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political stance, etc.)

  • Anything with malicious intent will not be tolerated.

1.4 We are a community of mature adults, and our language and humor reflect that maturity. Please be aware that adult themes are both tolerated and accepted, provided the fact that they are not malicious.

  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW)​

2 Disagreements should be kept away from public channels, and resolved maturely.

2.1 We understand that gaming can be intense, and all players are human. This being said, if a disagreement or other irritating event takes place, please let it go.

2.2 If discussion is needed to resolve a personal disagreement, please use private methods to do so. Use Private Conversations (PCs) on the forum, or create a private and locked channel on Teamspeak to resolve the issue.

  • Forum posts, in-game chat, and public Teamspeak channels are NOT private methods, and constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct.

2.3 When an issue arises, please escalate it via your divisional chain of command, if your attempt(s) at resolution fail. This starts with you, and ends with the Executive Board.

  • Skipping levels of your chain of command will not be tolerated.

2.4 Upon being spoken to about an issue, your attitude may directly affect the severity of the consequence.

  • Administrative staff act as arbitrators to listen upon both sides of the issue(s), and work towards their best efforts into resolving it peacefully while upholding our Code of Conduct.​

3 Never grief your allied players!

3.1 Do not retaliate, if you are team-killed.

  • Accidental or intentional. It does not matter. Simply ignore it, and move on.

3.2 Retaliation will only perpetuate further griefing or team killing, and will result in a bad public image for our community.

  • Other players observing may or may not have seen preceding events, and will only see you griefing your fellow players.
    • This affects the perception of the entire community, so please save your energy to focus on the objective and/or hostiles.

3.3 If you do accidentally kill an ally, please apologize immediately via Teamspeak, Private Conversation, or in-game chat.​

4 When you join an operating group in a division, please ensure that you are in Teamspeak in the appropriate channel FIRST.

  • Follow the orders given by your leader.

4.1 Orders are not issued because we want to tell people what to do, but rather are given so that overall objectives are achieved and promote the likelihood we succeed as a group.

  • Teamwork is key in our community, and thus is highly valued.

4.2 Always keep in mind that your leaders will put forward a great amount of effort into monitoring “the big picture”.

  • Tasks which may seem hopeless, or likely impossible to “win” to a small group of individuals tend to contribute to the “greater good”, by drawing enemy assets off of another target.

4.3 You should always remain positive within your operating group.

  • We’re here to have fun. Cut the complaints and negativity.

4.4 Operating group leaders should be followed and respected at all times, regardless of title, rank, and/or divisional affiliation.

  • Stepping up to lead an operating group is highly encouraged, even to new members.​

5 Play your game with honor, and good sportsmanship.

5.1 We will not ever, nor do we tolerate cheating, hacking, griefing, exploiting, malicious/intentional glitching, stat-padding, scamming, or the use of sketchy programs to interfere with our games for an advantage.

5.2 Violation of a game’s Terms of Service (TOS), End User License Agreement (EULA), or Terms of Use (TOU) is strictly forbidden. This applies in every game we play.​

6 Please help to enforce the Code of Conduct amongst your peers.

  • Report issues or SEVERE violations to your nearest leader.

6.1 If issues are reported, evidence will first be gathered before it is engaged.

  • If the leaders determine that a violation has occurred, steps will be taken to resolve it swiftly and fairly.

6.2 Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a discussion or warning at the very least.

  • Repeated or especially egregious violations will result in further consequences, including, but not limited to suspension or termination of membership.​

Any violations, with sufficient evidence, may result in immediate ban (temporary or permanent) at the discretion of Divisional Leadership and/or the Executive Board.

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