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7th Cavalry Gaming
Gary Owen.jpg
Leader 1Lt. Patrick Forbes (ForbesPatrick), commanding officer
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Global (NA/EU)
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations 7thCav, 7CAV, 7th
Website http://www.7thcavalry.us/

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The 7th Cavalry Regiment is a Planetside 2 outfit that employs Tactical Realism and military simulation in multiple areas of operation, including Planetside 2, Arma 3, Call of Duty 4, and BF3-4. Its official battle cry is "Garry Owen", in honor of the Irish drinking song Garry Owen that was adopted as the march tune of the real life 7th Cavalry. The 7th Cavalry was formed 15 October 2002 and concentrated on the Call of Duty series during the initial years.
The outfit originally commenced fighting on the Matherson server after PS2's first release for ten months, and most recently moved to Connery in September of 2013.


[edit] The 7th Cavalry Code of Conduct

Maxime honorem
As a member of the 7th Cavalry Regiment Military Realism Virtual Unit (henceforth referred to as Unit) it is each members duty to oppose all enemies of the Unit in virtual combat. Each members behavior is guided by the Code of Conduct which has evolved from the heroic history, experiences and deeds of our members during our many years of existence. Their values are best expressed by our Code of Conduct, our Rules of Engagements and our General Orders which each member has agreed to abide by, uphold, and defend. Each member would have these obligations to their unit and their fellow members even if the Code of Conduct had never been formulated as a high standard of general behavior.
To live up to the Code, you must know not only its words but the ideas and principles behind those words. The Code of Conduct is an ethical guide. The articles below deal with your chief concerns as a member of this unit and describe the ideal ethos each member should live by and uphold at all times during their service with the Unit.

Article I - Rectitude
Innate to all is the sense of knowing right and wrong. This awareness serves to keep us on a path of rightness and fortitude of principle and practice. Simply put, all members of the Unit are expected to do the right thing or make the right decision, not because itís easy, but because itís ethically and morally correct regardless of the outcome or result.

  • Do the right thing every time.
  • Uphold and comply with all ethical and written standards (this Code, Rules of Engagement, General Orders, etc.) that apply to all members of the Unit.

Article II - Respect
Members of the Unit show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat our fellow members, guest to our servers and members of other units (allies or neutral) with dignity and honor. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Treat all members and guests of the Unit with respect, dignity and empathy.
All verbal, nonverbal and written communication, both within the Unitís own mediums (other forums, game servers, voice chat, etc.) and mediums outside the Unitís (e.g. other clanís forum, game servers, etc.) will be conducted in a mutually respectful manner.

Article III - Honor
Members of the Unit will walk the path that ensures the preservation of self respect and self esteem over and above personal gain, well being, or convenience.

  • Do not lie or cheat, nor tolerate those who do.
  • Be honest; honorable in all encounters, principles, intentions and actions with all members and our guest.

Article IV - Loyalty
Members of the Unit exhibit a clear and non-negotiable commitment to both the Unit and the other members. The Unit above all else (in the virtual world).

  • Be devoted to your duties.
  • Support the leadership and stand by your Cav brothers and sisters.

Article V - Courage
Members of the Unit display courage, not just on the battlefield, but courage to gather the strength of character to walk the righteous path.

  • Facing moral fear or adversity; continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking those actions is not popular with others.
  • Standing up for and acting upon the things that you know are honorable.

[edit] General Orders

The following is an appended list of some of the General Orders of the 7th Cavalry which are immediately applicable to Planetside 2 and our conduct in that game. These orders apply to all members of the Cavalry regardless of any rank, positions, or game the member belongs to.

Unethical Game Play (Cheating)

  • I will not engage in any form of cheating and will not tolerate those who do.

Regimental Tags

  • I will wear my 7th Cavalry Regiment clan tags in all servers regardless of area of operation or if game is supported by the Unit (exception being Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game often called MMORPG or MMO's).


  • I will refrain from engaging in discussion or debate of political or religious subject matters in any 7th Cavalry owned public medium (any forum, public channel in voice chat clients).

Military Courtesy

  • I will observe military courtesy at all times and will address, either by rank or sir, those members with superior rank.

Unit Dedication

  • I will not belong to another FPS unit/clan/outfit while a member of the 7th Cavalry.


  • I will put forth my best effort to recruit individuals in our 7th Cavalry servers who demonstrate by their play and behavior the core values of our Unit.

[edit] Outfit Ranks

Unlike many gaming clans, the 7th Cavalry promotes its members based on time-in-grade (TIG), qualifying classes, and merit. Our members must complete a course to be eligible for promotion to a non-commissioned officer. Officers are appointed via an officer board. Our rank structure mirrors that of the United States Army. In order to prevent the appearance of or the actual presense of favoritism, the 7th Cavalry does not permit fast-track promotions; each member has completed at least two months at PFC (private first class) and another three months as a specialist before being eligible for promotion to an NCO or an officer.

[edit] Planetside 2 Outfit Structure

The combat portion of the 7th Cavalry is divided into two battalions (and we also have several other units, such as headquarters, S2, S3, milpacs, which govern the Cav's everyday business, including server administration, classes, and discipline). Under 2nd Battalion, Echo Company is the main support for Planetside 2 operations. The Company is divided into platoons and sections, again mirroring its real-life counterpart in the US Army in the size and intent of its unit construction.

[edit] Training

Upon submitting an application to join the 7th Cavalry, you will be assigned a drill instructor (DI) who will shepherd you through a short but thorough boot camp, after which you will be promoted to Private and be assigned a section. Each member is expected to make two forum posts per week (one on a roll call) and to attend a one hour section practice each week.
Additionally, the 7th Cavalry creates and develops classes in many different areas to further the training of the enlisted men and women, including advanced infantry training, armor training, airborne training, sniper tabs, ranger tabs, sapper training, and qualifying as a transport or attack pilot.

[edit] Expectations

The 7th Cavalry does require the following of members in Planetside 2:

  • Follow orders;
  • Be in our Teamspeak 3 server whenever you are in game;
  • Observe military courtesies;
  • Wear 7Cav tags in all FPS games you participate in;
  • Not be a member of any other outfit or clan; and
  • Have a cheat-free history (no active VAC bans, etc.).

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