A New Era

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A New Era
Leader GeneralPorky
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Connery

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[edit] General Information

A New Era was created to provide a fun, cooperative experience among PlanetSide 2 players. In the wake of a failing Conglomerate, a New Era shall emerge and the NC shall prevail. We are a mix of new and experienced players that enjoy playing together and having fun. Small squads are usually ran for fun, but platoons are a little more serious.

[edit] How To Join

NERA accepts anyone wishing to join, and anyone applying will get an instant acceptance. Members inactive for 1 month will be removed from the outfit, but are always welcome to join back if they decide to play again. If you wish to join, you can search up "A New Era" on the outfit browser and apply, which will grant you immediate membership, or you may /tell GeneralPorky and ask for an invite.

[edit] Squads/Platoons

Squads and platoons are ran at random times throughout the week (this schedule will most likely become more set later on). Single squads are generally ran for fun, do not have a specific objective, and have more of a social atmosphere. Platoons (and squads in platoons) are ran more seriously, are competitive and have objectives. If you are in a NERA platoon, we only ask that you follow orders.

NOTICE: We are looking for squad leaders, if you are interested in becoming one, send a /tell to GeneralPorky when he is online (squad leads preferably have a spawn beacon and a microphone).

[edit] Social

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/neraps

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/012kVJGgqkdYRyel1

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