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Leader XxCaLiPsOxX
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US West/East
Server Connery
Stats AfTeRsHoX Stats


[edit] About AfTeRsHoX

Originally founded in 1998 by XxLiGiTxX, XxAiRbOrNxX and XxCaLiPsOxX in StarCraft 1, the AfTeRsHoX family has become well known in many different games since 1998. The Outfit name AfTeRsHoX could be located in game titles such as: Ragnarok Online, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Planetside, FIFA, Lineage 2, StarCraft 2 and now Planetside 2.

AfTeRsHoX (tag: AFX) was an outfit based around real people who are fun to be around, who are supportive, that are respected, who execute tactical warfare on a daily basis, who are very inclusive and effective. They pride themselves in having members and leaders who excel in strategic training methods to improve their members on a weekly basis.

If you are tired of your every base capture, or just feeling like the same routine is killing you in Planetside 2. Then look no further because AfTeRsHoX has created their very own Ultimate Empire Showdown. TR + VS + NC all 3 empires have been contacted and outfits representing those empires have decided to join in on the fun. We have already been conducting our very own Ultimate Empire Showdown.

Here is a list of Competitions at the moment AFX have accomplished in the past:

Last Man Sunderer Standing (Same as Last Man Standing)

Max Fisting Event - Only Slapping allowed and the last MAX Faction standing wins.

Warrior - Each faction will place a member of there outfit in the fighting ring and knife to the death. Either 1vs1vs1 or 1vs1

Flash Racing - All Empire Faction based Flash's racing together from the bottom of the continent to the designated race finish line.

Twisted Metal Style "Flash Racing" - Basically same thing but weapons equipped and ready to fire on all targets last flash standing wins or who every crosses the finish line.

Mosquito vs Scythes vs Reavers "ESF Battles" - Basic Weaponry no Rockets or no AA Rockets Only Air.

Armor Battles (Main Tanks Only - Cannot exit to heal only can depend on Proxy Repair Systems from Sundy's and Ammo Sundy's)

Dodge Ball (Pretty much dodge a rocket coming at your face. Dumb Fire Rockets Only! Tug of War, first team to push the other team pass there line wins.)

[edit] Server

[AFX] AfTeRsHoX are currently on Connery Server.



[edit] Leaders

Leaders of [AFX] AfTeRsHoX: XxCaLiPsOxX, JillDaKRu, Regic1de

Commanders of AFX: IISniperII, Polisman, Shaogi, Sheliko,

Echo Squad Elite's of AFX: Pianager Squad Commander, Euno Squad Commander AtelierP, Brimestar, heyitsmeconnor, L337FOX, Mep, OODAUFYOO, RedArmy, Tahjir, TRshadow,

Veteran's of AFX:

Arkham341, Atnet, bistolo, BlueSkittle, Bothersome, Cablefist, Chaztrator, DimeDropping, EpicTbagger, Evilmeatball, FuzzyCottonball, IronEagle51, Jaybone, Jeralsbob, Knasty, knutsack, kris1245, LtBaldest, MadButcher22, ManapuaMan, Marcaine, Mast3rBlast3r, MichaelSmith2, NasulMaru, PrimeMeridian606, Samarchy, Seems, sotafaz, TheOriginalSchlampe, YaDingus, Friedchickennnnn,RCgaming03.

[edit] AFX - Squad Tactics Outline

Understanding the Roles of Each Squad AFX:

Alpha Squad – The Grinder Brigade (Infantry based front line assault team)

Alpha Squad will represent a group of 12 members who will capture key points such as generators/SCU’s and will be on point at [A] [B] [C] [D].

Bravo Squad – Tank Brigade (Armor column front line assault team)

Bravo Squad will represent a group of 12 members who will support the platoon with heavy tanks such as Prowlers, Ammo Sunderer and Repair Sunderer.

Charlie Squad - Air Brigade (Air superiority assualt team)

Charlie Squad will represent a group of 12 members who will support the platoon with aircraft such as Mosquito’s and Liberators.

Delta Squad – Anti-Air Brigade (Anti-Air superiority support team)

Delta Squad will represent a group of 12 members who will support the platoon with Anti-Air Infantry.

Echo Squad Elite (RANK) – Players who are certed/geared/trained in Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta Tactics (These are AFX's Top Tier Elite Players)

To understand more about our Outfit and Tactics please visit and apply to our website: Apply


Add to friends in PS2 = XxCaLiPsOxX / JillDaKRu

[edit] AfTeRsHoX Member Values

Welcome to AfTeRsHoX! Thank you for your interest in [AFX] but as all of our members have done and continue to do is abide by the bylaws of this outfit. In order for us to be effective internally and externally we pride ourselves on having a mature, fun and efficient member base.

  • You must read and agree to these bylaws terms and conditions to have your membership application be considered for approval.

Mission Statement To create a community that is fun, inclusive, supportive, respected, effective and tactical. Core Values In performing its mission, the following core values should guide the decisions and actions of AfTeRsHoX. 1. Treat each other with respect.

2. Protect and increase the reputation of AfTeRsHoX. Treat non-outfit members and opposing factions players with respect and take complaints about our outfit and outfit members seriously – Address a Commander or Leader immediately if you have an issue with another member and we will resolve the issue.

3. Game Play Diversity. We have members who enjoy all aspects of the game, and think no one motive for playing is any more valuable than others. Some members will have different ways of running squads or platoons and they will be shown respect regardless of their decisions and tactics. You are always free to voice your opinion.

4. Social Diversity. We have members from all over the world, including clergy, soldiers, political activists, homosexuals and handicapped people. People that would normally not be spending time together are in the outfit. If you do not enjoy or believe in social diversity of this kind, you should not read any further.

5. External Tools and Applications. Some outfit activities require external applications and tools and refusal to use these tools may limit or prevent your ability to participate in outfit activities. (Ex: AfTeRsHoX Forums/Dolby Axon)

6. Age Restriction Policy. You must be at least 18 years old or older to join the outfit. However, if you are under the age of 18 and can display the basic maturity to follow these guidelines above and have proved yourself to be effective to a Leader/Commander then we will consider your application for membership.

7. Internal and External Game Chat. As you may already know internal and external game chat can get pretty hectic. It is essential that one member speaks at a time, do not speak over each other. Please be respectful for each other for every person in game is a real person.

8. We value hackers like Dornan who can shoot through enemy shield with his tank and teleport a vehicle from far distance. join us if you're a hacker

[edit] Main Website, Applications and Forums are below

Main Website Apply Forums

PlanetSide Universe
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