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Allied Tribal Forces
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Allied Tribal Forces is a guild that formed between several friendly Tribes clans in 2002 in order to provide a larger fighting for in PlanetSide. We are a casual friendly group playing games like PlanetSide, World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 and more.

[edit] History

It all started with a seed planted by Ambush_Bug about a game called PlanetSide in March of 2002, the alliance idea from SirDiesalot, Spinning Hat got the ball rolling by getting Gryphon to host the site, Jester suggesting the winning name, domain registration by Splidz and most of all the great guilds that came together to form ATF and the great new friends that have joined since.

Here cliffs notes from the creation of ATF.

  • Looks interesting.
  • Ooh.. That does look kinda cool!
  • everyone in the "Xmen ring"(so to speak), meaning all your buddy buddy tribes, who are interested in the game should group up and make one massive alliance.
  • it would be sweet to have all the friendly of us get together and make a Planetside Alliance
  • i suppose "the ________ alliance" would be a good albeit typical choice. ideas?
  • There is some interest in the TKB camp.. I think Skoog said there was some interest in the endless camp too.
  • wouldn't really care if it was nearly the whole dang Tribes 2 community, EXCEPT that i know there are some tribes with a few jerks
  • I hate Jerks.
  • Yeah. No jerks.
  • Jerk Free Zone
  • The screenshots for this game made me have a spontanious orgasm.
  • how, exactly, do I get my wife to go along with this plan of ours?
  • ok... lets see... (the whole T2 community) - (jerks in T2 community) = X# of players to fill a battallion
  • need to begin thinking about the name for the Alliance.
    • Global Tatical Armed 'N' Armored Forces (GTANAF)
    • Strategic Alliance of Armed Friends (SAAF)
    • Pious Entity of Non-Intrusive and Skilled Experts at Sabotage
    • {KOEB}Kickers of enemy butts
    • {PENISES} and [TESTICLES] are good names?
    • Tactical Armed Forces (TAF)
    • Tribal Alliance Of Friends Union (TAOFU)
    • Tribal Alliance of Friends {TAF}
    • Disposable Heroes
    • Damage, INC.
    • many more....
    • Allied Tribal Forces [ATF] by Jester
  • A bunch of TimberWolf's tactical novels :)
  • this thread is starting to get kinda long, diverse, and confusing. when it gets too much longer it's definitely either time to start a couple more threads which are more specific (like "PlanetSide Tactics", "PlanetSide Alliance Function Ideas" and whatever else there is enough to justify a new thread for), or start a new EZboard altogether.
  • Hrmmm..... Lemme talk to Gryphon about that one.....
  • We have a board! Go here and check it out! A big Thanks to Gryphon for hosting it for us.
  • aw crud. you mean i have to sign up for something more?
  • I like {TAF} thats cool..
  • Come One And All To The Unnamed Alliance Boards To Help Build A New Community In Which Many Tribes/Clans Will Help Each Other Out.
  • /me walks in, see cobwebs all over the place. I wonder if anyone is still in here?
  • Yeah, me and the spiders get along great. I haven't forgotten, just in a holding pattern, waiting for something from the PS team to generate more interest.
  • There's another chance to sign up for a beta copy...

Initial thread - Planetside - The XMEN Clan Forums

First thread on new boards August 12, 2002 - Welcome to the forums - Allied Tribal Forces

Name discussion - Our name? - Allied Tribal Forces

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