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Leader Azrael, Harrisment
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North America
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations AA, AA-K

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[edit] Introduction

The Archangels are a community focused outfit created some months before the beta of PS1, initially set up by two friends Harrisment (Harris) and Azrael it didnt take long for the numbers to swell during beta. When release came around the Archangels settled on the Konried server and were a decisive force in the ongoing global conflict.

[edit] History

The Archangels were initially formed by two friends Azreal and Harris prior to the beta of PS1, the numbers swelled to around 50 or so before the release. The outfit enjoyed a high level of activity for the next two years representing the the Terran Republic on the Konried server. In late 2003 when Konried merged into Emerald the -K was appended to the end of the outfit name to show the roots of the outfit on the Konried server. Close to this point Snipefrag inherited outfit leader, bouyed by the larger battles and the high activity many of the members that are still in the clan today were picked up around this era. After the release of Battle Frame Robotics in 2004 activity in the outfit plummeted as many members of the outfit because disillusioned with the direction the game was heading, the clan took the decision to give some other games a try.

The clan has been together in one form or another ever since the early days in 2003 playing a multitude of games including World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, The Battlefield Series, Team Fortress 2, Lord of the rings Online, Star Wars the old Republic and AION. in 2011 after the official announcement of PS2 SilentRaider decided to revitalise the clan a lot of effort was put into bringing back members who had gone their separate ways in a bid to bring back the glory days of the outfit. Azreal and Harris took over early 2012 and the outfit has continued to go from strength to strength.

[edit] Community

The Archangels are a strong believer in having a tight knit community where there are no strangers, after a successful application a member can only gain his 'wings' after he has passed a 30 day probationary period. This time is used to gauge not only if the candidate is suitable fit for the rest of the group but also whether the group fits the recruit.

[edit] Play Style

The Archangels have never been a zerg outfit, we have prided ourselves on being compact and efficient. Where other outfits might require 60 people to take a base we will attempt to do it with 10 or 20... And most of the time be successful. During PS1 at times air cavalry was mandatory, as this was the most efficient method to travel around continents in a group whilst bringing a lot of fire power. At different points the outfit has also had specialized armor, spec ops and infantry divisions. In PS2 we will be testing the waters before making any decisions on whether we want to specialise down a specific path.

[edit] Policies

As a group we are for the most part mature, we do not accept intimidation, belittling or harassment of any kind by any of our members internally or externally. We have a few general rules which you will need to adhere to if you wish to make a successful application and then maintain membership:

  • Must make use of our mumble server
  • Must be over 18 (exceptions may be made if a recruit can prove they are mature enough)
  • Must be registered on the forums and maintain a reasonable level of activity
  • Understandable spoken English, its hard to fight with people you cannot comprehend
  • In good standing with the wider community, we don't accept riff raff or other peoples rejects

[edit] Social Media

Twitter - You can follow the Archangels on twitter @ArchangelsPS2

Youtube - We have our own dedicated youtube channel that can be found here

Facebook - We also run a facebook group, if you are a member and wish to join it is on an invite only policy

[edit] Media

Here is some assorted media from Planetside 1 & 2, enjoy !

Current Archangels recruitment video

Recruitment Video circa 2006

Kamikaze Night

Archangels Crash Ceryshen

The Bending


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