Armageddon Korps

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Armageddon Korps
Leader Arby
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region United States
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations [AKRB]
Stats Armageddon Korps Stats

[edit] Description

AK Logo/Badge

Armageddon Korps [4Rmr] is an active PlanetSide2 New Conglomerate Outfit on the Emerald Server. Originally called Armageddon Korps [AK], was a PlanetSide outfit that was created in 2005 on the Gemini Server. Armageddon Korps specialized in strategic holds, tactical movements and operations with a large emphasis on team play. A video recorded on February 26th, 2006 displays the teamwork associated with the members of Armageddon Korps while playing on Ascension within the Oshur Islands in the original PlanetSide.

During the life of Planetside, [AK] focused on a fast re-secure deployment team, tower-of-power holds at strategically valuable locations, and organized armor or air maneuvers.

Planetside 2 brought new life to the outfit, which began a tighter focus on armored warfare, the Vanguard was the lifeblood of many of the outfit members. Several having earned Auraxium several times over on the tank. Gunships, liberators, tactical holds. [4Rmr] will do anything in the pursuit of points, kills, and a good time.

May 2020 Outfit wars - [4Rmr] Participated in the 2nd Outfit war and placed [9th] out of the NC on Emerald, active members participating included: Arby, Archangel, Malone, Ripheus, PenguinTwinky, PurpleArtist, Lycan, YoungPhil, Mazsacre, Tanelkoth, Pink, Haegar01, BigBird, TeaSiphon, DogYawn, and Carole. Thanks alot to everyone for a wonderful event.

May 9th 2020 - Saw the 1st [4Rmr] Bastion deployed on Indar, after 10 minutes of indiscriminate bombardment, the TR airforce brought down the carrier after it put up a noteworthy resistance.

[edit] Planetside Membership

  • Emraith
  • Arby
  • Soapdish
  • Gravybiscuit
  • wait
  • QuestionMark
  • RoyalKombine
  • hippy
  • Split
  • KrovaX
  • Malone
  • JimiMimni

[edit] Planetside 2 Membership

PlanetSide Universe
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