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Armored Fist
Leader Denward
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations [AF]
Stats Armored F1ST Stats
Member Requirements
  • Core Members
    • 18+ Years old. Generally helps with the No Asshat Policy.
    • Teamspeak3 and a Mic
    • Join our Web Community and be active on our Forums:
    • Do NOT be an Asshat, read below to determine if you are one.
    • We have a 2 week Recruit Review period to evaluate all new recruits that starts from your Orientation and Recruit In Processing date.
  • Mercenaries
    • Prefer 16+ years of age, 18+ would be better, but if there are no issues, we don't mind.
    • Listen to In Game Comms and follow orders.
    • Do NOT be an asshat. For Mercs, we have a simple policy, if your annoying enough, we will boot you and not feel too bad about it.
Armored Fist is a Multi-gaming community based originally on BF3. Most of the original Core team came from that source, though many of the original founders of the PS2 team have rotated out and then back in over the past half a year or more since starting in Beta, a strong base of leadership has remained and grown throughout.
Outfit Roadmap
The current goal of Armored fist is to build a solid foundation of Core members. This is something of a phase one of our roadmap to our endgame plan. Our roadmap for our Outfit looks something like this:
  • Phase One: Build a trained Core team large enough to field at least 24 Core members every Op. With the addition of Mercs, this should fill most of a platoon with little to no adds from Pubs.
  • Phase Two: Focus and refine section based Ops to enhance teamwork and flexibility in tactical situations.
  • Phase Three: Expand Core team to lead and organize multiple Platoons, using Pubs to fill out empty slots in general tactical environments, and using Mercs or Core members for more advanced needs.
  • Phase Four: Competitive Outfit VS Outfit Organized fights over large areas of a continent.
  • Final Goal: Our final goal is to be a recognized and respected force on the Waterson Server. We want the [AF] tag to get a general "Oh #$%^" reaction out of any opposing forces we run into, while avoiding the general Zerg form of fighting. We want to stay tactical and tight knit.
  • Captain-------------------Denward
  • XO------------------------Arixin
    • XO Section Leaders--Cranakis
  • Section Leaders----------Mitsukakex, 5hameless
  • Field Leadership
    • Platoon Leaders
    • Squad Leaders
    • Fireteam Leaders
  • Soldiers
  • Core Team Recruits
  • Mercenaries
  • Monday, 9pm EST
    • Infantry focused operations
  • Wednesday, 9pm EST
    • Air focused operations
  • Friday, 9pm EST
    • Armor focused operations
  • Saturday, 9pm EST
    • Combined arms operations
No Asshat Policy

Armored FIST does not tolerate asshats. We don't accept immaturity. We do have fun.

This fact should be clear if you have read our Code of Conduct. However, sometimes people don't take a team's Code of Conduct seriously. We take it very seriously. If you believe that you are God's gift to gaming and are determined to rub it in everyone's face then please leave this website immediately.

How do you know if you're an asshat? First, ask yourself if you enjoy any of these activities:

  • Do you frequently state your negative opinions publicly regardless of the subject and who it is directed at?
  • Do you make threats against and intimidate players?
  • Do you like to make sarcastic jokes and tease people as a front for delivering insults?
  • Do you enjoy sending flaming e-mails or forum posts?
  • Are you frequently rude via interrupting others and act as if they are not there?
  • Do you enjoy humiliating your victims after you have trounced them?
  • Do you like to point out your superior skills while making fun of and degrading those inferior to you?
  • Do you enjoy publicly shaming players through degrading rituals like "tea-bagging" or "clam-slamming"?
  • Do you act kindly to someone when with them but talk negatively about them when they are not there?

If you answered "yes" to any of these then we are sorry to say that our team is not for you.

We honor our Code of Conduct and expect all FIST members to do the same.

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