Auraxian Guard

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Auraxian Guard
Leader Council or Leaders
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations AUXG
Stats Auraxian Guard Stats

Auraxian Guard is a causal outfit that prefers to have fun rather than play tactically every second of the day, but we can play against the best of squads on our server. We also want everyone who joins the outfit to run together and get to know each other to help build on to the AUXG community.

We are a small outfit and want to stay that way. However we do want to participate in competitive matches in the future and are excepting of anyone who meshes with our play-style and culture of the outfit.

All of our leaders and veterans understand how to play this game and will teach any new player about it.

Lastly about our outfit. W can do anything in the game. Tanks are definitely our strong suit while air is our weakest but not by much. We consider ourselves to be the one of the best tank outfits in the game and can run over any armor zerg with only 2 or 3 tanks.

PlanetSide Universe
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