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BDog's Communication Is Key
Leader StrokeTN
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US West
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations [CIK]
Website [N/A]
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[edit] Info

Communication is Key (CIK) is a competitive mid-sized outfit based on TR Connery. Founded in 2013, our leaders display a wide variety of leadership styles and consistently feature both high-cohesion competitive squads as well as casual combined arms play. We employ a top-down, military-style system of communication ran through TeamSpeak, which attributes tremendously to our "well oiled machine" like cohesion by allowing our talented PLs and SLs to communicate seamlessly.

[edit] Our Schedules

We schedule our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night ops, which have been consistently held @ 6 PST for over 3 years without fail. In addition to our Mon, Wed, and Fri ops, CIK also offers regularly scheduled scrims (both internal and with other groups), which are conducted using our outfit-specific Jager accounts.

[edit] Our Community

On top of this we also feature weekly non-planetside events AKA "community ops" such as movie nights, Among Us, modded minecraft,, Jackbox games, LoL, and even a chess club!

Our leadership stresses the paramount value of community and, as such, CIK has been a member of The Terran Alliance for almost a decade. TTA is an organization of like minded TR Connery outfits with over 17 years of history tracing back to the Planetside 1 era. The member-outfits of TTA come together to schedule joint operations, events, and trainings on a highly consistent basis while denouncing toxicity in our community.

[edit] Our Command Structure

  • APPLICANT - New Recruits and Initiates of CIK under probation period
  • CADET - Fighting Soldiers of CIK
  • VETERAN - Seasoned and Battle Hardened Soldiers of CIK
  • FORCE RECON - Experienced Soldiers of CIK who are often tasked with handling Logistics or under direct command of the Platoon Leader
  • NCO - Non-Commissioned Leaders of CIK who are still undergoing leadership training
  • PLATOON OFFICER - Commissioned Leaders of CIK who spearhead CIK events
  • COMPANY COMMANDER - Founders and Commanding Officers of CIK who oversees the entire outfit

[edit] Recruitment Requirements

K/D Required No required K/D
Minimum Activity Required Main TR Connery 51% Playtime with CIK
Other Requirements Setting up and Joining our Discord and Teamspeak
Recruiting? Always

[edit] Our Goals

CIK's goals are to excel at communication, provide an excellent Planetside 2 experience, and most importantly build a non-toxic, inclusive community of friends and retain our members for years to come.

[edit] Tribute

This wikipedia page serves as a record as well as a tribute, dedicated to the countless efforts and hours put in by the founders (BDog, Taken, Riffmon) along with the members of CIK who played a huge part in building CIK to where it is now at the present

[edit] Join Our Family

CIK currently uses a discord server where our leaders schedule OPs on and for our members to interact with each other. Click on the link here if you would like to join us

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