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Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US Eastern
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations TR, Outfit, Gaming Community
Website http://c22.site.nfoservers.com/
Stats C22 Stats

C22 is a tight knit group of friends that has gamed together over the course of 9 years and over many different games. While we came into existance during the Beta of Planetside as "The Exiled" we used =C22= as our tag. Since then we have gone on to play many shooters such as Counter-Strike, Joint-Ops, COD4, and Battlefield 3. We also moved into the MMORPG genre playing World of Warcraft, WarHammer, and Rift. The game may have changed but the core group always stayed the same, picking up new friends along the way of course.

The most important thing to know about C22 is that no matter what game we're playing the number one rule is having fun. If that's by getting a great kill/death ratio in a wild shoot-out, or camping some poor soul in a distant land, then so be it. We are here to have fun and that's the priority. We make sure that OUR members are having fun and once you're one of us you'll know it. We watch each others backs in every game we play and are loyal to a fault. Don't let that scare you though, as we won't badger you if real life prevents you from getting on every night, so no need to worry about anyone pressuring you about your schedule, log on when you want and there will be a good time waiting for you.

We are mostly a mature guild, in the sense that most of us are in our late 20's or in our 30's (With a few older farts). We will have a good time making fun of each other on voice, but don't take it personally. We do not allow viscious racism or sexism. Your race nor sex defines your skill level in a game. You will be tested on your true merits as a player. We're always looking for new faces, if you would like to join a close group of friends, please drop by our forums and say hello. We have always believed that communication is the key to success in any game and so we have always used a voice communication program, it definitely tightens up the group and gives us the edge in game. Currently we are using Teamspeak.

Current Recruitment is OPEN for Planetside 2 as Terran Republic, on Waterson server, as well as other games 'du jour'. Recruiters are Trevellian, Tulka, Oafley, SilverBack and Zumonn. Post on the forums for details or any questions.

PlanetSide Universe
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